Meet Information

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1.No Mask, No Entry

2.Spectators must remain in HOME stands. No spectators around team camps nor event areas.

3.ONLY coaches and competing athletes allowed in event areas.

4.Athletes should always have their mask on unless competing in an event. If athletes are competing in a field event, they should have their mask on while not throwing/ jumping.

5.Teams will have assigned areas to setup camp.

6.Athletes must remain in their team's camp when not competing nor warming up.

7.Designated areas will be assigned as warm up areas. No one will warm up on the track nor inside the track on the football field.

8.In the shot/discus/pole vault events, each athlete is recommended to compete with his/her own implement/pole.  In a case in which this isn't possible, the shot/discus/pole should be sanitized after each use. 

9.Hand sanitizer stations will be setup at each event.

10.Once an athlete finishes his/her event, he/she must immediately put mask back on and return to the team's area.





Bring Payment on Meet Day to the Coaches Meeting

Spectator Meet Admission (online payments only):GoFan - Clinton Arrows

Concessions will be open to all spectators, athletes, and coaches

-An athlete can participate in a total of 4 events only including relays.

-Max of 3 Athletes per individual event

-Max of 1 relay team per school.

-Only 4 Jumps/Throws will be attempted in Field events

-High Jump/Pole Vault will be contested regularly

5:00 PM Field Events

5:45 PM
Girls 4x800m Relay Finals

6:00 PM Boys 4x800m Relay Finals

6:15 PM Girls 3200m Run Finals

6:30 PM Boys 3200m Run Finals

6:45 PM All other running events will be on a rolling schedule.

Field Event Order

Girls Long Jump followed by Triple Jump

Boys Long Jump followed by Triple Jump

Girls High Jump followed by Boys

Boys Shot Put followed by Girls

Girls Discus followed by Boys

Boys Pole Vault followed by Girls

Running Event Order

Girls followed by Boys

Rolling Schedule

100m / 110m Hurdles

100m Dash

4x200m Relay

1600m Run

4x100m Relay

400m Dash

300m Hurdles

800m Run

200m Dash

4x400m Relay

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