Workout Wednesday JUNE Calendar

MileSplit fans!! As promised, this article is dedicated on a little bit more information towards how Wednesdays are going to work this summer. 

If you have never heard of 'Workout Wednesdays', FloTrack and MileSplit USA have done plenty of them. You can find some on YouTube, and I will be following the same format. 

So, it is basically a workout video, preferably a track workout or a tempo run, and I film the workout! I'll put the workout up and possibly the athlete's splits up, and I will also do a couple of interviews with the athletes and coaches. After that, I'll compile them up into one 5-10 minute video, put some hype music in the background, and Voila! You have yourself a 'Workout Wednesday'!

This is one of the new things that Mississippi MileSplit is trying out this year, and it should be a good one, but please bear with us if we make and 'rookie mistakes'. I can assure you, though, that we will do our absolute best to push out the most quality content possible for the athletes, coaches, and fans. 

So, without further ado, here is the OFFICIAL June calendar that each Workout Wednesday video will be dropped this month. (Keep in mind, there are not necessarily the days that workouts will be filmed, just the days that they will be posted)

W.W. #1, June 9 - Brooklyn Biancamano 

W.W. #2, June 16 - Taylor Brown and Co. 

W.W. #3, June 23 - Brookhaven High School Boys 

W.W. #4, June 30 - Keegan Leverett