Summer Weekly Schedule

Hello Mississippi MileSplit family! Nothing too fancy of an article here... this is just the weekly schedule for the summer so y'all know what to look forward to for each day of the week! We are trying a lot of new things this year, and I personally can't wait to see them through. Also, since they are new to Mississippi MileSplit, please bear with us as we try and figure everything out. 

Monday - Senior Send Off -- An article that features some of our graduating class of 2021, telling a little bit about them and their running journey, and 'sending them off' as they go and compete in college. A big THANK YOU to those of you who have already filled this out!! 

Tuesday - 'Way Too Early' Rankings -- Basically, I will try and predict the All-State finishers and the top 2 teams in each class for cross country this year. 

Wednesday - WORKOUT WEDNESDAYS!!! -- there will be more info on this day later in the week.

Thursday - Miscellaneous -- These days will have no 'set topic'. It might be another part of the WHAT IF series, it could be my picks for the Olympic Trials, an alumni report, etc. This day could even be a day where other writers (even some of y'all!) can put their articles up on Mississippi MileSplit!

Friday - Athlete Blog -- Just simply a blog on the day of the life of some of our high school athletes! (Please Email me if you are interested in this - my email is found at the bottom of the home page next to my name)

Saturday - Mississippi MileSplit Podcast -- For the first time ever, Saturdays are the days that the first ever Mississippi MileSplit podcast episodes will be dropped!! This is something that has been in the making for quite some time now, and personally, I am pumped to see it finally set it into motion. More info will drop about this later in the week, along with the 'Workout Wednesday'. 

Personally, I have some big goals as state editor of Mississippi MileSplit, but my main goal is to simply push the sport forward in the state. It is probably one of the hardest sports in the world, and deserves more respect than what it's getting. 

With that being said... This can not be done in a solo effort. I NEED some help from the Mississippi MileSplit community. If you are a fan, coach, or athlete, and writing an article is something that interests you... Do it!!! There is a day of the week set aside for just that. 

If you are in the class of 2021, and you are competing in college next year, fill out the survey!! There are plenty of youth that want to know how you got to where you are today as a collegiate athlete, as they might also want to compete in college one day, and they want to hear your story. 

If making a "day in the life" athlete blog is something that sounds intriguing to you, go for it!! There are underclassmen all across the state that look up to you, and they genuinely want to know your daily schedule, inside and outside of running. 

As Tylertown's Jordan Anthony might say, I'm trying to put some respect on the 'Sip. And in order for me to do that, I need the community's help. 

Alright, that's it from me. I hope y'all are having and looking forward to a fantastic summer. For upcoming cross country athletes, breaking your own individual goals, finishing in all-state position, or maybe even becoming a state champion, starts today. For the track athletes that are still competing this summer, keep grinding and doing your thing, and keep representing the state well.