MHSAA Team Rankings And Where They Come From

For some reason, we have coaches that just do not understand that now when MHSAA team rankings are done we use the top five athletes' time average to reach to post the rankings. First, let me show where to get these. Remember to do this yourself you have to have a MileSplit subscription.

First, you have to go to XC Team Score under rankings.

This is what the box defaults to. You need to look at the Rank By: box it shows Rank By Points. So you have to change this to this.

Now it is set to rank boys (in this case) by the top five athletes on each team. The way it is set up in this example it would rank all the boys' teams on Mississippi MileSplit that have at least five athletes that have competed. 

Next you have to enter a league.

Now click Refine and you get an MHSAA boys team ranking that looks like this. This does not show all the CLASS 6A teams in the rankings. Look at the average time under each team's number five runner to see how they are ranked. I will use this every time I rank MHSAA teams for the rest of the year to comply with MHSAA qualifications. Look for this tomorrow along with an individual athlete ranking for each Classification.

1Oxford High School (MS)(MS)60
1)Chase Rose15:25.801
2)Luke Johnson16:17.004
3)Matthew Singletary16:49.808
4)Ethan Knight16:57.8012
5)Aiden Addy17:53.5035
Average Time: 16:40.78Total Time: 1:23:23.901-5 Split: 2:27.70
6)Tamon Matsumura17:56.5037
7)Brooks Austin18:11.2046
2Tupelo High School(MS)70
1)Taylor Brown16:03.202
2)Christopher Eskesen16:45.407
3)J.T. Posey16:53.4010
4)Jaheim Bridges17:14.7015
5)Lincoln Jones17:55.4036
Average Time: 16:58.42Total Time: 1:24:52.101-5 Split: 1:52.20
6)Bryce Weaver18:33.2057
7)Marcus Little18:47.5062
3Pearl High School(MS)72
1)Brady Helms16:21.805
2)Tanner Moore16:40.906
3)Brendan Clark17:15.1016
4)Jacob Dedmon17:19.1019
5)Jonathan Phillips17:36.4026
Average Time: 17:02.66Total Time: 1:25:13.301-5 Split: 1:14.60
6)Maxi Duran18:00.9240
7)Bailey Loomis18:30.1055

All rankings like these will be by MileSplit subscription only.