Who Is The Top Returning MHSAA Class 4A Boy XC Runner?

This is your chance to vote on who will be the top returning cross country runners round two in all six MHSAA classifications and all five MAIS classifications. The second round for MHSAA 4A boys will go for three days starting today.

There were some upsets in this voting. Number five Lukas Dykes beat number four Ben Carter to move on. The bigger upsets were in the last two brackets. Will Wayner, number six, beat number three Cooper Parmer and number seven Freddy Porter beat number two Keegan Leverett. But the top seed Parker Legoff moved on and will be in the second round.

Voting Starts
Aug 2 - 5

Parker Legoff, Corinth High vs Lukas Dykes, Mooreville High

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