MAIS XC Girls Team Ranking By Classification

This virtual team ranking uses this year's best times to achieve the Classification rankings.

Girls Team Rankings


It will be interesting with Madison Ridgeland and Jackson Preparatory only five points apart. There is no way I would make a prediction here as the other teams in the classification could have a tremendous impact on the final team scores.

1Madison Ridgeland Academy (MS)28
1) Savannah McIntosh20:21.002
2) Lydia Snopek20:31.405
3) Abi Alden Benton20:40.406
4) Everett Heard20:52.107
5) Laurel Fulcher21:20.208
Average Time: 20:45.02 Total Time: 1:43:45.10 1-5 Split: 59.20
6) Sloane Vinson22:07.8112
7) Kate Mathison22:54.6016
2Jackson Preparatory School (MS)33
1) Julia Stradinger19:33.091
2) Gracie Atkinson20:23.933
3) Kimmons Shepard20:28.684
4) Olivia Smith21:40.5211
5) Havens Smith22:22.3414
Average Time: 20:53.71 Total Time: 1:44:28.56 1-5 Split: 2:49.25
6) Emma Reeves23:10.7518
7) Lauren Anne Smith23:19.7919

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