New Year Same Teams in Boys Class 4A

This year brings no surprises in the team rankings for Class 4A boys. Corinth leads the returning ranking 44 points to start the season. If Pontotoc wants to close the gap it will take some large improvements in all their runners after number three. I never say it cannot happen I have been around cross country since 1998 and have seen some huge turnarounds in the team rankings by the end of the season. Number one ranked Dylan Allen has his Mooreville team in third place and the young men behind him will step it up competing in the tough north part of the state.

1Corinth High School (MS)55
1) Thomas Ratliff17:26.225
2) Peyton Marshall17:47.008
3) Jesus Requena17:58.3811
4) Joel Parker18:00.0012
5) Morgan Toomer18:19.7019
Average Time: 17:54.26 Total Time: 1:29:31.30 1-5 Split: 53.48
6) Will Wayne18:25.9020
7) Drew Pullen19:13.4042
2Pontotoc High School (MS)99
1) Caleb Ruth17:36.506
2) William Porter18:04.0413
3) Mitchell Cook18:12.1116
4) Brandon Gonzalez18:47.9031
5) Ross Mathews18:50.3233
Average Time: 18:18.17 Total Time: 1:31:30.87 1-5 Split: 1:13.82
6) Freddy Porter18:55.6835
7) Michael Cutler18:59.9338
3Mooreville High School (MS)118
1) Dylan Allen15:39.221
2) Tommy Bramlett18:10.4515
3) Wesley Gillentine18:30.5824
4) Tucker Witt18:34.0525
5) John Mac Peters19:31.7653
Average Time: 18:05.21 Total Time: 1:30:26.06 1-5 Split: 3:52.54
6) Zander Turner20:16.0086
7) Taylor Hussey20:56.48107
4Saint Stanislaus High School (MS)137
1) Landry Lemoine17:45.317
2) Keegan Leverett18:15.9118
3) Carston Raymond18:57.4236
4) Kyle Capo18:59.0737
5) Alex Koons19:10.1439
Average Time: 18:37.57 Total Time: 1:33:07.85 1-5 Split: 1:24.83
6) Brandon Griffith19:32.0254
7) Carson Leverett19:39.4557
5East Central High School (MS)192
1) Adam Taylor17:07.522
2) Christian Balcer17:19.154
3) Adam Atigh18:28.5722
4) Preston Lee19:52.4172
5) Scott Moore20:29.6192
Average Time: 18:39.45 Total Time: 1:33:17.26 1-5 Split: 3:22.09
6) Grayson Ard20:55.19104
7) Jackson Vice21:27.36123

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