Dylan Allen, Mooreville Are State Records in His Future


Name: Michael Dylan Allen, Mooreville

Personal bests: 5k: 15:39, 3200: 9:42, 1600: 4:31

HobbiesHobbies are running and chilling with friends

Favorite quote: "Imagine what it would be like to live your life as a work of art...  a work of art that is in progress."

How did you get involved in the sport? In seventh grade I had a crush on a girl who ran, so I decided to try out for the cross country team.  I was going to impress her but it turned out that I wasn't very good at first.  

How do you look at being ranked as the top in the state in your event?  Being ranked at the top in the state is an honor.  Mississippi is full of great runners with great character.

Do you have a specific motivation? My motivation is simple.  I hope and pray that I never give anything less than my best effort.

What has been your biggest challenge in the sport? My biggest challenge in this sport is when my cousin Mason passed away.  It took me a while to recover mentally

What do you hope to achieve in the future? I want to set new state records in my events.

What do you hope to achieve the rest of the season and at State? I would like to get faster each week and bring home three gold medals at state.

Walk us through a race for you (from pre race until post race). :  Before my race I pray that God will give me strength to endure.  During a race I focus on my times for every 400 meters.  I think of motivational speeches I have memorized.  I think about the bandanna around my leg and what it means to me.  After my race I pray and thank God.

What goes through your mind? I try my best to stay focused on how proud I'll be if I run the times I am aiming for

Do you play other sports? Cross Country and Track are my only sports.

How do you look at being top-ranked in the state? :  I hope that I represent my state well.

How and when did you start training for track and field this season? I started training the week after cross country season.  I ran three speed days a week, two long runs, and the other two days were maintenance runs.  Ranging from 45 to 70 miles a week.

What do you enjoy the most about the your team? Our positive attitude about every situation

What do you feel you have learned from your coaches, teammates and the sport? My Coach Jeff Tally is the most influential man in my life.  He told me once that he was disappointed in the effort I gave in a race.  I promised him that I'd never disappoint him again and so far I haven't.  My teams are the most encouraging people I know and they all work just as hard as me.

What would like to see happen in the future in the sport? I want to see runners from Mississippi at the top in the nation.

If there is one thing in the world you could do, what would it be and why? If there was one thing I could do in this world it would be to help people understand that their opportunities are limited and that one day they'll no longer have the opportunity to act.