Jaguar Trails Opener 2022

Madison, MS
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Athlete Entries

Boys 5000 Meter Run 76 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Philpott, James St. Andrew's HS
Mabry, James Clinton High School
Ross, Tylar Ridgeland High School
Reed, Isaiah Ridgeland High School
Boone, Adam Clinton High School
Kiihnl, Gabe Madison Central HS
Guillory, Bobby Clinton High School
McKenzie, Caden Madison Central HS
Misenar, Jude St. Andrew's HS
Morrison, Clark Madison Central HS
Peabody, David Clinton High School
Bacon, Xander St. Andrew's HS
Hicks, Timothy Madison Central HS
Jumper, Jackson St. Andrew's HS
Rees, Wyatt Clinton High School
Tarver, Camp St. Andrew's HS
Johnson, Jayden Clinton High School
Hood, Camden Madison Central HS
Thompson, Kristopher Ridgeland High School
McKey, Gus Madison Central HS
Cook, Levi Clinton High School
Brannon, Drew Madison Central HS
Cunningham, Cashel Madison Central HS
Lay, Cullen Clinton High School
Annunziata, Lucas St. Andrew's HS
Querin, Caleb Madison Central HS
DeVoss, Karcher St. Andrew's HS
Neira, Rodrigo Madison Central HS
Brannon, Colin 16:30.10 Madison Central HS
Parks, Christian 16:41.10 Clinton High School
Owens, Benjamin 16:55.50 Madison Central HS
Adcock, Tom 17:22.57 Madison Central HS
Price, JT 17:23.32 Clinton High School
Welch, Davis 17:24.41 Madison Central HS
Bankston, Miguel 17:30.59 Clinton High School
Henning, Marcus 17:32.93 Madison Central HS
Boone, Joshua 17:38.70 Clinton High School
Smith, Andrew 17:46.54 Madison Central HS
Gibbs, Carter 18:00.79 Clinton High School
Barnhardt, Jonah 18:35.80 Clinton High School
Thames, Xander 18:42.84 Madison Central HS
Bryant, Bacon 18:46.06 Clinton High School
Brown, Kellan 19:05.80 Clinton High School
Perkins, Ethan 19:14.27 Madison Central HS
Perry, Liam 19:17.99 St. Andrew's HS
Adams, Jack 19:27.62 Madison Central HS
Thompson, Nehemiah 19:56.02 St. Andrew's HS
Anderson, Burkitt 19:57.00 St. Andrew's HS
Skelton, William 20:29.39 St. Andrew's HS
Buyan, Henry 20:30.65 St. Andrew's HS
Ducksworth, Dillon 20:40.47 Clinton High School
Saltzman, Stone 20:54.31 Madison Central HS
Kelley, David 20:55.00 Clinton High School
Little, Blake 21:02.27 Clinton High School
Giesecke, Noah 21:05.30 Madison Central HS
Shines, Braylon 21:25.51 Ridgeland High School
Pawlik, Joseph 21:39.28 Madison Central HS
Hoskins, Ahmir 21:39.56 St. Andrew's HS
Jones, Thatcher 21:55.78 Madison Central HS
Bergin, Clark 22:11.90 St. Andrew's HS
Coleman, Aydan 22:13.30 Clinton High School
Stover, Ernest 22:14.50 Ridgeland High School
Neira, Fabricio 22:26.20 Madison Central HS
Hardin, Reece 22:27.91 Madison Central HS
Adams, Jack 22:33.17 St. Andrew's HS
Jones, Hayden 22:55.05 Madison Central HS
Giddens, Alex 23:15.24 St. Andrew's HS
Rea, Braxton 23:29.14 Madison Central HS
Egger, Banks 23:31.36 St. Andrew's HS
Jones, Anthony 23:50.56 St. Andrew's HS
Richardson, Cade 23:58.55 Madison Central HS
Wilkins, Clayton 24:10.12 St. Andrew's HS
Gauthier, Arthur 24:40.57 St. Andrew's HS
Kremser, Jameson 26:28.99 Madison Central HS
Croft, Ben 26:40.20 St. Andrew's HS
Parry, Marcel 28:02.19 St. Andrew's HS
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Boys Middle School 3200 68 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cobb, Matthew Madison Middle School
Threadgill, George Clinton High School
Heath, Ben Madison Middle School
McDavid, Trace Clinton High School
Perkins, Cole Madison Middle School
Kern, Carson Madison Middle School
Taylor, Jacob Madison Middle School
Rice, Clark Madison Middle School
McKey, Joe Madison Middle School
Brannon, Evan Madison Middle School
Rives, Jason Madison Middle School
Atkinson, Tobias Clinton High School
Neely, Colston Madison Middle School
Eleraky, Joey Madison Middle School
Smith, Crew Madison Middle School
Brister, Jaylen Clinton High School
Arapalli, Aalekh Madison Middle School
Walker, Jacob Madison Middle School
Hardy, Alex Clinton High School
Bosarge, Payne Madison Middle School
Lane, Bryce Clinton High School
Kovach, Hudson Madison Middle School
White, Nicholas Madison Middle School
Chisolm, Matthew Madison Middle School
Rhodes, Spencer Clinton High School
Miller, Reed Madison Middle School
Matthews, Marsh Madison Middle School
Gatewood, Tyler Madison Middle School
Wilson, Cullen Clinton High School
Kelly, Cappie Madison Middle School
Pierce, Gavin Madison Middle School
Kirk, Cannon Madison Middle School
Rice, Jack Madison Middle School
Mohon, Carson Madison Middle School
Cardona, Donovan Madison Middle School
Shah, Abi Madison Middle School
Boone, Luke Clinton High School
Neyland, Christopher Madison Middle School
Young, Caiden Madison Middle School
Dancy, Porter Madison Middle School
Taylor, Wright Madison Middle School
Fortenberry, London Clinton High School
Babl, Jonah Madison Middle School
Hardy, Jackson Clinton High School
Johnson, John Madison Middle School
Watts, Everett Madison Middle School
Bowie, Henry Madison Middle School
McCabe, Malachi Clinton High School
Farley, Taylor Madison Middle School
Johnson, David Levi 12:53.98 Clinton High School
Boone, Hyrum 13:12.30 Clinton High School
Cobb, James 13:12.53 Madison Middle School
Smith, Luke 13:29.26 Madison Middle School
Campbell, Peyton 13:51.64 Madison Middle School
Chambliss, Charlie 14:22.23 Madison Middle School
Harrison, Matthew 14:37.59 Clinton High School
Pittman, Dillon 14:38.85 Clinton High School
Wilkinson, Thade 14:43.02 Madison Middle School
Richardson, Conner 14:54.47 Madison Middle School
Brooks, Owen 15:01.27 Madison Middle School
Welch, Jack 15:16.73 Madison Middle School
Bennett, Cort 15:20.06 Clinton High School
Taylor, Joel 15:56.68 Clinton High School
Smith, Parker 16:22.00 Clinton High School
Germany, Connor 16:59.41 Madison Middle School
Quinn, Conner 17:38.95 Madison Middle School
McCay, Braden 18:03.26 Madison Middle School
Stone, JJ 19:02.89 Madison Middle School
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 86 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Milan, Liv Madison Central HS
Edwards, Emma Madison Central HS
Reed, Grace Ridgeland High School
Morrow, Meredith Madison Central HS
DeZutter, Jocelyn St. Andrew's HS
Gee, Ava Madison Central HS
Gibbs, Caroline Clinton High School
Reeves, Addison Madison Central HS
De Beukelaer, Shiloh St. Andrew's HS
Roberts, Ivy Madison Central HS
Callegan, Kathryn Clinton High School
Beckman, Isabel Madison Central HS
Sterling, Sela St. Andrew's HS
Moore, Dawson Clinton High School
Smith, Kienzle Madison Central HS
Hamilton, Ally St. Andrew's HS
Russell, Rivers Clinton High School
Kern, Courtney Madison Central HS
Johnson, Alexandria Clinton High School
Filgo, Wenston Madison Central HS
Yoste, Elizabeth Madison Central HS
Pike, Isabel Madison Central HS
Smith, Kamryn Clinton High School
Watson, Valencia Ridgeland High School
Filgo, Willa Madison Central HS
Gunn, Sofia Ridgeland High School
Berry, Mehunanna Madison Central HS
Chandler, Carson Madison Central HS
Lee, Parker St. Andrew's HS
Pipes, Addison Madison Central HS
Stone, Mary Virginia Clinton High School
Allen, Ella Peyton Madison Central HS
McLaughlin, Tinsley St. Andrew's HS
Burgess, Destiny Clinton High School
Lee, Alex Madison Central HS
Kroeze, Adrianna St. Andrew's HS
Fuller, Saige Clinton High School
Copeland, Greylynn Madison Central HS
Penton, Mary Mac St. Andrew's HS
Rashid, Tasmiyah Clinton High School
Ingram, Kaytlen Madison Central HS
Tolstad, Ava Madison Central HS
Gardner, Londyn Madison Central HS
Jones, Marlina Madison Central HS
Ireland, Emily 19:37.23 St. Andrew's HS
Mata-O'Dwyer, Evelyn 20:38.20 Clinton High School
Cook, Sabine 20:51.84 Clinton High School
Wilson, Kaedyn 21:32.14 Clinton High School
Renegar, Anna 21:32.86 Clinton High School
Smith, Lainey 21:40.70 Madison Central HS
Penton, Caitlin 21:49.24 St. Andrew's HS
Miley, Mati Claire 21:56.37 Clinton High School
Mitchell, India 22:00.00 St. Andrew's HS
Engels, Sophie 22:19.85 Madison Central HS
Dear, Ava 22:32.88 Madison Central HS
Harrison, Brooke 22:41.89 Clinton High School
Goolsby, Ella 22:51.13 Clinton High School
Dixon, Celie 22:51.51 Clinton High School
Thomas, Adickes 22:57.12 Madison Central HS
Wilkinson, Wellsley 23:06.20 Clinton High School
Trowbridge, Ella 23:09.02 Madison Central HS
Yoste, Mary Carlat 23:11.45 Madison Central HS
Ledford, Lila 23:21.31 Madison Central HS
Adams, Gigi 23:30.52 St. Andrew's HS
Weed, Ashley 24:03.37 Clinton High School
Rushing, Hannah 24:08.50 Clinton High School
Pace, Natalie 24:10.40 Clinton High School
Wright, Marrianna 24:27.48 Madison Central HS
Maron, Claudia 24:30.17 St. Andrew's HS
Morris, Amelia 24:32.42 Madison Central HS
Brown, Peyton 24:43.60 Clinton High School
Ulmer, Claire 25:32.60 Madison Central HS
Astarlioglu, Alice 26:25.20 St. Andrew's HS
Smith, Anna 26:28.15 Clinton High School
Kent, Olivia 26:29.70 St. Andrew's HS
McIntyre, Mary 26:56.04 Madison Central HS
Ray, Hannah 28:04.20 Madison Central HS
Cobb, Laney 28:16.53 Clinton High School
Garg, Tina 28:17.10 St. Andrew's HS
White, Elle 28:30.31 St. Andrew's HS
Anderson, Brooke 28:50.00 Clinton High School
Rekhi, Jasleen 30:25.11 St. Andrew's HS
Williams, Lola 30:58.29 Madison Central HS
Bennett, Caroline 33:25.00 Madison Central HS
Mabry, Raegan 33:44.03 St. Andrew's HS
Romero, Patricia 34:57.30 St. Andrew's HS
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Girls Middle School 3200 63 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Sisson, Mallory Madison Middle School
Harrington, Jaliyah Clinton High School
Germany, Mary Caroline Madison Middle School
Ducksworth, Dayna Clinton High School
Williams, Indy Madison Middle School
Kirk, Adelaide Madison Middle School
Lenoir, Willow Clinton High School
Winders, Catelyn Madison Middle School
Newton, Lydia Madison Middle School
Ledford, Ava Madison Middle School
Anderson, Peyton Madison Middle School
James, Kirsten Clinton High School
Stribling, Lilly Madison Middle School
Lowe, Annabell Madison Middle School
Barrett, Mae Madison Middle School
Tucker, Taylor Madison Middle School
Neely, Macy Madison Middle School
Cheruku, Aashritee Clinton High School
Bowen, Maggie Madison Middle School
Norvell, Emma Madison Middle School
Stephens, Mary Culipher Clinton High School
Bumgarner, Bradyn Madison Middle School
Pelch, Dottie Madison Middle School
Wayts, Lilly Clinton High School
Dennis, Elizabeth Madison Middle School
Robey, Cora Madison Middle School
Wardlaw, Maggie Clinton High School
Edwards, Reese Madison Middle School
Swindell, Katherine Madison Middle School
McHarris, Cendal Clinton High School
Johnston, Avery Madison Middle School
Speed, Makenzie Clinton High School
Cooley, Avery Madison Middle School
Williams, Trinity Madison Middle School
Knight, Lola Madison Middle School
Thornton, Allie Clinton High School
Wolfe, Sophie Madison Middle School
Throwbridge, Avery Madison Middle School
Lillis, Adela Madison Middle School
Anglin, Macy Madison Middle School
Mooney, Maddie Madison Middle School
Boothe, Selby Madison Middle School
Norvell, Bailey Madison Middle School
Brown, Meghan Clinton High School
Bradshaw, Chelsie Madison Middle School
Odom, Olivia Madison Middle School
Henry, Caroline Clinton High School
Cunningham, Norah Madison Middle School
Pure, Lily Madison Middle School
Killebrew, Caroline Clinton High School
Easley, Lexie Madison Middle School
Uppu, Tejasvi 14:15.74 Clinton High School
Livingston, Macey 14:24.41 Madison Middle School
Fortenberry, Ellen Claire 14:25.91 Clinton High School
Moore, Riley 15:12.91 Clinton High School
Hunsberger, Abigail 15:58.30 Madison Middle School
Constoncio, Keelyn 17:01.45 Clinton High School
Strickler, Ellie 17:02.71 Clinton High School
Diaz, Halaina 17:27.01 Madison Middle School
Sullivan, Scarlett 17:44.68 Madison Middle School
Williamson, Chaney 18:31.67 Clinton High School
Dickinson, Chloe 19:12.81 Clinton High School
Bradley, Annabel 19:37.46 Madison Middle School
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