Meet Information

You will be required to register no later than June 6th. You can participate in a total of 4 events which includes relays. All relay participants must be in the same age group. You must enter as a club team to enter a relay.

Cost is $15.00 which includes a T-Shirt.

Registration for events will be online at Each person will register individually, or with a club team if entering a relay.

Here is the link to get a download of the entry form: Registration form

There will be medals for 1st, 2nd , and 3rd place in each age group for each event.

Primary born before 2005 and after
Sub Bantam born 2004
Bantam born 2003
Sub-Midget born 2002
Midget born 2001
Sub-Youth 200
Youth 1999
Intermediate 1997-1998
Young Men/Women 1995-1996

Adults age groups
19 - 25 years
26 - 30
31 - 35
35 - 40
41 - 50
51 - 60
61 & up

Schedule of events
All age groups will start in order from youngest to oldest in the event so that the Primary age group goes first and the 61 and up goes last.
Field Events Start 9:00 a.m.
Boys Shot /Girls shot
Girls High Jump followed by Boys High Jump
Girls Long Jump left pit/ Boys Long Jump Right pit
Boys Pole Vault followed by Girls Pole Vault
Girls Discus followed by Boys Discus after shot put

Track Event Start 10:30 All running events will be ladies first followed by the men. If there are no athletes in some events we will allow time for rest for athletes doubling back in the next event. After the start of the first running event all others are on a rolling time schedule.

80 m Hurdles
100/110 m Hurdles
100 M Dash
1500 m Run
4X100 m Relay
400 m Dash
200 m Hurdles
400 m Hurdles
800 m Run
200 m Dash
3000 m Run

To Enter a Meet as an Individual: The password you must enter is found on the registration page of the MS State Games Track and Field

When you click on the green button to enter the meet, it will send you to a
register or login in page if you have not logged in. If you do not have a
MileSplit or state site username and password, you have to register and get
emailed the password.

Once you receive that, login (top right on gray bar), go to the meet page, click
on the green enter online now button - enter individual. It will identify you by
name from your username.

Add your contact phone numbers (for meet director's use only) and click enter
individual. It will then tell you "you have not claimed an athlete" and ask you
to do a search for an athlete, add your name and search - if you do not find
yourself, you may enter a new athlete and enter the meet. Please note that the
system may give you an error message saying there was an error in creating a new
athlete. Click ok and try to reload the page. I helped someone this am that this
happened when I was trying to create the new athlete - it gave me the error, but
when I reloaded the page, the athlete was there and I was able to register her
for the meet. This has been reported to our programmer.

If you find yourself - from being in our system as a high school or college
student, you must click on your name, go to the profile page, and if it is
indeed you, you must claim your page and await admin approval. Then when that
arrives (usually the same day), you can enter the meet