Virtual Meet USM High School Invitational

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Padraic Tate, Starkville could be the sprint star of this meet with a good chance of taking both the 100 and 200 meter races. Keirston Paige, Hattiesburg has to be the odds on favorite to win the hurdles after his indoor success this season.

100 Meter Dash

1Padraic Tate11Starkville High School10.4810
2Cory Hawthorne10D'Iberville High School10.898
3Tayvius Wright10Clinton High School11.016
4Richard O'Bryant10Brandon High School11.135
5Iven Evans11Hattiesburg High School11.154
6Derrick Stovall10Pearl High School11.183
7Amir Smith10Laurel High School11.192
8Eric Robinson10Presbyterian Christian School11.201

200 Meter Dash

1Padraic Tate11Starkville High School21.8510
2Jalen Glass11Warren Central HS22.188
3Iven Evans11Hattiesburg High School22.406
4Richard O'Bryant10Brandon High School22.435
5Christian Williams10Clinton High School22.454
6Cory Hawthorne10D'Iberville High School22.513
7Joseph Zayszly11Tate HS22.532
8Josh Montague10Brandon High School22.541

400 Meter Dash

1Joseph Zayszly11Tate HS49.5810
2Iven Evans11Hattiesburg High School50.028
3Grover Winston11Northridge High School50.106
4Eric Robinson10Presbyterian Christian School50.495
5Myelle Tealer11Port Gibson High School50.534
6Juqurious Bell11Wingfield High School50.583
7Anthony Ratliff11Jim Hill High School50.652
8Roshaun Jones11Biloxi High School50.941

800 Meter Run

1Jordan Shannon11Clinton High School1:59.2310
2Charles Wesley11Terry High School2:00.538
3Patrick Spurgeon11Pearl High School2:01.206
4Austin Bourne11Brandon High School2:01.905
5Tristian Abrams11Northridge High School2:02.184
6Joshun Noel11Clinton High School2:02.773
7Wayne Carter11Hattiesburg High School2:03.592
8Brandon Knieja9Tate HS2:03.891

1600 Meter Run

1Caleb Troy Smith11Mary G Montgomery4:28.0510
2Austin Bourne11Brandon High School4:34.118
3Patrick Spurgeon11Pearl High School4:38.236
4Mason Watkins10Picayune High School4:39.975
5Jacob Williams10Presbyterian Christian School4:41.324
6Frank Floyd11Biloxi High School4:43.863
7Brandon Knieja9Tate HS4:44.262
8Richard Whatley10Pine Forest HS4:45.041

3200 Meter Run

1Caleb Troy Smith11Mary G Montgomery10:00.9710
2David Adams11Pearl High School10:08.478
3Mason Watkins10Picayune High School10:15.576
4Damon Thomas10Pearl High School10:20.795
5Austin Bourne11Brandon High School10:22.164
6Roddrick White9Laurel High School10:23.273
7Luis Flores11Saint Andrew's HS10:25.972
8Jacob Britt10Brookhaven High School10:28.151

110 Meter Hurdles

1Keirston Paige11Hattiesburg High School14.1010
2Dawson Sims10Mary G Montgomery15.188
3Damien Lynch11Pearl High School15.366
4Taylor Bailey11Presbyterian Christian School15.385
5Celeycan Hill11Brandon High School15.434
6Lester Davison11Mary G Montgomery15.643
7Rickey Colbert10Clinton High School15.682
8Jaylon Jackson11Hattiesburg High School15.741

300 Meter Hurdles

1Keirston Paige11Hattiesburg High School39.2710
2Landon Chalden11Biloxi High School40.368
3Rickey Colbert10Clinton High School40.756
4Barnes Benton11Presbyterian Christian School41.275
5Jake Sumrall10Presbyterian Christian School42.124
6Kerry Avant11Tate HS42.213
7Norman Woodard11Brookhaven High School42.752
8Briggs Sumrall8Presbyterian Christian School42.781

Shot Put

1Zion Binion10Northridge High School53-11.510
2Tyson Keyes11Presbyterian Christian School50-11.58
3Kaya Ludgood10George County High School50-4.256
4Tommy Danner9Northridge High School48-2.55
5Tristan Gladney9Brandon High School46-9.54
6Zias Perryman11Laurel High School46-9.253
7Sam Simon11Germantown High School46-32
8C.J. Jefferson11Germantown High School46-11


1Zion Binion10Northridge High School151-710
2Connor White10Pearl High School148-38
3Tyson Keyes11Presbyterian Christian School148-06
4John Runnels9Presbyterian Christian School142-95
5Tommy Danner9Northridge High School140-44
6Byron Young11West Jones High School138-13
7Willie Hedrick10Pearl High School136-102
8Thomas Holford11Presbyterian Christian School135-71

Long Jump

1Cameron O'Neal10Biloxi High School23-110
2Keandres Atkinson9Wingfield High School22-9.58
3Vincent Taylor11Northridge High School22-8.56
4A.J. Edwards10Germantown High School22-7.55
5Dylan Lawrence11George County High School22-54
6Edwin Rainey10Northridge High School22-1.53
7Rashiem Bester11Meridian High School21-8.252
8LaSteven Brown11Mary G Montgomery21-6.51

Triple Jump

1Vincent Taylor11Northridge High School48-410
2Edwin Rainey10Northridge High School47-3.758
3Javontae Joiner10Clinton High School44-96
4Jordan Montgomery11Biloxi High School44-85
5Tadrian Leflore11Hattiesburg High School44-6.54
6Lester Davison11Mary G Montgomery44-63
7Tyler Proctor11Brandon High School44-32
8Dylan Johnson10Clinton High School44-2.51

High Jump

1Jalen Glass11Warren Central HS6-710
2Royal Carroll11Hattiesburg High School6-48
3Tito Sanchez Turner10Meridian High School6-46
4Evan Preusch11Presbyterian Christian School6-25
5Xavier Heard10Northridge High School6-24
6A.J. Edwards10Germantown High School6-23
7Matthew Leach11Columbus High School6-22
8Garrison Adkins10Vancleave High School6-01

Pole Vault

1Jason Collier11Pearl High School14-610
2Holden Dykes11Presbyterian Christian School13-68
3Edwin Rainey10Northridge High School13-06
4Gabriel Harvey11Pearl High School13-05
5Gayden Hence11Hattiesburg High School12-64
6Issac Townsend11Tate HS12-63
7Aaron Fortenberry9Brandon High School12-62
8Elijah Johnson9Biloxi High School12-61

Team Scores

		                    Boys - Team Rankings - 14 Events Scored                     
1) Northridge High School 76 2) Pearl High School 59
3) Presbyterian Christian S 58 4) Hattiesburg High School 57
5) Brandon High School 40 6) Clinton High School 38
7) Mary G Montgomery 35 8) Biloxi High School 28
9) Tate HS 21 10) Starkville High School 20
11) Warren Central HS 18 12) Picayune High School 11
13) Wingfield High School 11 14) Germantown High School 11
15) D'Iberville High School 11 16) George County High Schoo 10
17) Laurel High School 8 18) Meridian High School 8
19) Terry High School 8 20) Port Gibson High School 4
21) Brookhaven High School 3 22) West Jones High School 3
23) Columbus High School 2 24) Jim Hill High School 2
25) Saint Andrew's HS 2 26) Vancleave High School 1
27) Pine Forest HS 1