Virtual Meet Region 4-6A George County High School

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Alexander Whyte, Ocean Springs will be pushed by Owen Skelton, Saint Martin and teammates Matthew Mestayer and Joseph Gallo to win the division. The Ocean Springs Boys team should come out on top of the 6A standings.

5000 Meter Run

1Alexander Whyte2020Ocean Springs High School17:04.93 1
2Owen Skelton2020Saint Martin High School17:29.69 2
3Matthew Mestayer2019Ocean Springs High School17:30.82 3
4Joseph Gallo2019Ocean Springs High School17:32.26 4
5Connor O'Keefe2019Biloxi High School17:38.24 5
6Kevin Cooley2021George County High School17:42.59 6
7Grayson Frieze2019Ocean Springs High School17:56.09 7
8Drew Saucier2019Ocean Springs High School18:01.46 8
9Jonathan Carter2019Ocean Springs High School18:02.72 9
10Anthony Smith2022Ocean Springs High School18:23.49 10
11Spencer Jones2022Biloxi High School18:24.26 11
12David Bond2020Ocean Springs High School18:29.14 --
13Robert Hughes2019Ocean Springs High School18:33.97 --
14Cooper Doychak2021Ocean Springs High School18:41.74 --
15Sean Floore2022Ocean Springs High School18:43.57 --
16Matthew Johnson2022Hancock High School19:02.71 12
17Angel Vela2020D'Iberville High School19:11.73 13
18Cade McCullough2020Ocean Springs High School19:12.20 --
19Thomas Powell2021Ocean Springs High School19:14.12 --
20Matthew Montiforte2021Biloxi High School19:17.29 14
21Andre Gillispie2021Gulfport High School19:19.51 15
22Jake Weems2019Ocean Springs High School19:21.39 --
23Jon Burris2020Biloxi High School19:27.62 16
24Norberto Lopez2021Biloxi High School19:28.70 17
25Alex Beeler2021Ocean Springs High School19:41.95 --
26Luke Lansdown2022Ocean Springs High School19:45.79 --
27Landon Chalden2019Biloxi High School19:46.50 18
28Janthony Ruiz2020Pascagoula High School19:48.95 19
29Billy Mays2020Biloxi High School19:53.76 20
30Brandon Anthony2020Ocean Springs High School19:58.37 --
31Jace Gipson2020Biloxi High School19:58.44 --
32Kyle Holland2021Ocean Springs High School19:59.92 --
33Christian Impey2019Ocean Springs High School20:06.45 --
34Christian Tyler Frick2022D'Iberville High School20:18.00 21
35Aaron Cater2020Biloxi High School20:27.65 --
36Gabe Esqueda2022D'Iberville High School20:30.36 22
37Jon Gautreaux2021D'Iberville High School20:34.00 23
38Dyllanger Fisher2020Biloxi High School20:38.23 --
39Cameron Forestieri2019Ocean Springs High School20:40.02 --
40Tyler Budinich2019Ocean Springs High School20:40.28 --
41Brett Ryan2019Pascagoula High School20:40.91 24
42Ethan Harriel2019Hancock High School20:43.97 25
43Reid Loper2021D'Iberville High School20:47.00 26
44Arkelis Wilson2019Pascagoula High School20:51.41 27
45Seth Penton2020Hancock High School20:55.47 28
46Cameron Broome2021Biloxi High School20:57.55 --
47Chase Black2020Ocean Springs High School20:59.57 --
48Frank Floyd2019Biloxi High School21:05.64 --
49Ryan Taylor2021Ocean Springs High School21:05.67 --
50Zach Millwood2021Ocean Springs High School21:05.73 --
51Jared Grover2019Hancock High School21:09.64 29
52Isaac Alanis2021Ocean Springs High School21:16.68 --
53Nathaniel Salter2022Biloxi High School21:21.13 --
54Matthew Wingerter2020Gulfport High School21:24.63 30
55Joshua Cardon2020Ocean Springs High School21:26.99 --
56Trent Pitalo2021Ocean Springs High School21:28.20 --
57Ryan Deyoe2019D'Iberville High School21:29.00 31
58Jahari Smith2022Saint Martin High School21:33.47 32
59Benjamin Hutchinson2020D'Iberville High School21:41.00 33
60Michael Ressell2020Saint Martin High School21:43.00 34
61Logan Clinton2022D'Iberville High School21:45.00 --
62William Hendricks2020Biloxi High School21:46.63 --
63Caleb Scott2019George County High School21:48.12 35
64Carter Lee2021Ocean Springs High School21:58.82 --
65William Jones2021Gulfport High School21:59.38 36
66Tanner Keith2021Ocean Springs High School22:02.83 --
67Hunter Mosher2022Gulfport High School22:08.20 37
68Caleb Bergmann2020Gulfport High School22:16.27 38
69Stephen Ladner2019Harrison Central HS22:17.44 --
70Tim Jenkins2019Gulfport High School22:24.23 39
71Eli Grover2021Hancock High School22:29.96 40
72Ashton Rubio2021Ocean Springs High School22:30.52 --
73Jayce Pater2022George County High School22:31.12 41
74Samuel Harris2022Ocean Springs High School22:33.36 --
75Liam McGowan2022Biloxi High School22:33.66 --
76Clayton Fleming2021George County High School22:34.46 42
77William Panni2022Pascagoula High School22:40.20 43
78Noah Bartram2019Saint Martin High School22:42.53 44
79Caden Bartram2022Saint Martin High School22:44.96 45
80Tyrez Arterberry2021Gulfport High School22:52.96 46
81Brayden Barrett2021Saint Martin High School23:08.00 47
82Tyler Robinson2021Ocean Springs High School23:13.58 --
83Isaac McCormick2021Ocean Springs High School23:21.53 --
84Zander Allen2021Gulfport High School23:23.22 --
85Grant Holladay2021Hancock High School23:27.00 48
86Jordan Green2021Ocean Springs High School23:29.38 --
87Sage Aucion2019D'Iberville High School23:30.00 --
88Aidan Settlemires2020Ocean Springs High School23:30.90 --
89Ethan Mitchell2021Ocean Springs High School23:33.56 --
90Jaylin Jones2020George County High School23:33.83 49
91Aaryan Piracha2021Ocean Springs High School23:37.38 --
92Lee Taylor2019D'Iberville High School23:37.96 --
93Eli Wilson2021Saint Martin High School23:40.00 50
94Cj Powers2022Harrison Central HS23:49.00 --
95Juan Torres2021Pascagoula High School23:53.22 51
96Joseph Stewart2021Ocean Springs High School24:07.56 --
97Ben Rogers2019George County High School24:10.87 52
98Shelton Abbott2021Hancock High School24:12.00 53
99Joshua Stewart2023Saint Martin High School24:15.65 --
100Evan Tran2022D'Iberville High School24:16.53 --
101Luke Smith2024Gulfport High School24:17.80 --
102Wills Landrum2020George County High School24:25.47 54
103ryan estbrook2021Hancock High School24:31.06 --
104Toby Mosher2021Gulfport High School24:51.25 --
105Michael Seymour2022Ocean Springs High School24:52.14 --
106Zander Smith2021George County High School24:54.46 --
107Alexander Chandler2021Gulfport High School25:03.27 --
108Trey Noble2021Ocean Springs High School25:10.84 --
109Landon Lowery2021Saint Martin High School25:12.00 --
110Savier Kemp2021Saint Martin High School25:20.37 --
111Jayden Hornke2022Saint Martin High School25:26.24 --
112Quin Harrington2020D'Iberville High School25:42.73 --
113Connor Fowler2023Pascagoula High School25:44.68 55
114Trever Treakle2021Biloxi High School25:48.44 --
115Dakarai Frazier2022Saint Martin High School25:56.05 --
116Jose Martinez2022Pascagoula High School26:18.25 56
117marck konopacki2018Hancock High School26:19.15 --
118Caleb Fillingim2021George County High School26:22.46 --
119Kyle Graves2021Ocean Springs High School26:53.12 --
120Mark Knight2021Gulfport High School27:03.76 --
121Conner Rigby2022Biloxi High School27:49.10 --
122Kanon Anderson2021Hancock High School28:18.63 --
123Elliot Spears2020Saint Martin High School28:21.12 --
124Hilton Mills2022D'Iberville High School28:28.22 --
125Jacob Jones2023Pascagoula High School28:35.53 --
126grant oliday2021Hancock High School28:46.13 --
127Thomas Waddell2021Pascagoula High School29:13.12 --
128Justin Bridges2020George County High School29:39.52 --
129Qi Zheng2021Biloxi High School30:10.32 --

Team Scores

1Ocean Springs High School231+3+4+7+8 (9+10)56.5317:37.11
2Biloxi High School635+11+14+16+17 (18+20)1:50.4618:51.22
3D'Iberville High School10513+21+22+23+26 (31+33)1:35.2720:16.22
4Hancock High School13412+25+28+29+40 (48+53)3:27.2520:52.35
5Gulfport High School15615+30+36+37+38 (39+46)2:56.7621:25.60
6Saint Martin High School1572+32+34+44+45 (47+50)5:15.2721:14.73
7Pascagoula High School16419+24+27+43+51 (55+56)4:04.2721:34.94
8George County High School1736+35+41+42+49 (52+54)5:51.2421:38.02