Lauderdale County Invite Tight Team Races

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If Emma Claire James, West Lauderdale is healthy she should take this race, however, it will be close with both Hannah Hannington and Elizabeth Scott Bond of Lamar giving chase. In the team scores Clarkdale with Kristen Phillips, Brooke Robinson and Brooke Gibson lead in the team race by only six points over Lamar.

Championship Meet - 19 Teams

X1Emma Claire James11West Lauderdale High School21:15.011
2Hannah Hannington10Lamar School21:32.512
3Elizabeth Scott Bond9Lamar School21:39.903
4Emily Snodgrass7West Lauderdale High School22:00.034
5Kristen Phillips8Clarkdale High School22:11.005
6Brooke Robinson10Clarkdale High School22:34.626
7Brooke Gibson8Clarkdale High School23:02.687
8Amindy Mullen12Demopolis23:04.418
9Maggie Triplett9Lamar School23:38.659
10Mary Ashley Culpepper10Clarkdale High School23:59.7810
11Cora Bucurel9Clarkdale High School24:06.0111
12Hattie Hurst7Demopolis24:07.9912
13Zoe Clymer8West Lauderdale High School24:09.0313
14Grace deGeneres6Lamar School24:10.6714
15Taylor Ben12Neshoba Central HS24:32.7915
16Reid Hutchinson8Kosciusko High School24:52.9516
17Sarah Paige Shirley10Lamar School25:02.3117
18Markayla McBride9Kosciusko High School25:04.2018
19Amelia Hurst9Demopolis25:05.2319
20Noelle Howell8West Lauderdale High School25:11.8020
21Grace Bowers10West Lauderdale High School25:22.8221
22Chandler Green10West Lauderdale High School25:29.9722
23Emma Kate Stephenson8Lamar School25:37.4323
24Zahria Davis10West Lauderdale High School25:37.5424
25Gracie Woodall6Lamar School25:42.9725
26Tj Redhouse12Nanih Waiya High School25:45.79--
27Tyler Merritt9Kosciusko High School25:46.426
28Reah Clymer10West Lauderdale High School25:55.30--
29Isabelle Morrison8West Lauderdale High School25:57.55--
30Caroline Prewitt10Lamar School26:04.77--
31Abby Cope10Lamar School26:08.28--
32Courtney Lee12Northeast Jones HS26:26.80--
33Claire Thornhill7Enterprise HS Clarke26:34.09--
34sommer williams10West Lauderdale High School26:39.37--
35Waverly McDonald10Neshoba Central HS27:09.2527
36Carly Keats9Neshoba Central HS27:10.3728
37Gabrielle Hutchinson10West Lauderdale High School27:17.70--
38Daebreon Walloace12Northeast Jones HS27:21.6--
39Hannah Beech11Clarkdale High School27:29.4029
40Sarah Cooksey7West Lauderdale High School27:35.96--
41Justine Isaac12Neshoba Central HS27:39.3330
42Shakirria Everett11Wayne County High School27:46.1531
43LaSharia Everett12Wayne County High School27:49.1532
44Abbi Cumberland9Neshoba Central HS27:51.2333
45Camryn Gray9Clarkdale High School28:02.7534
46Jade Temple12West Lauderdale High School28:12.15--
47Destiny Alford12Northeast Lauderdale HS28:13.10--
48Emily Styron9Wayne County High School28:15.6635
49Catherine Freeman9Clarkdale High School28:22.23--
50Debrianna Worsham9Wayne County High School28:32.7836
51Cori Keats11Neshoba Central HS28:46.2237
52Mallory Leake9West Lauderdale High School28:57.46--
53Taylor Pipkins9Demopolis29:04.9738
54Shea Graham9Northeast Jones HS29:06.00--
55Nela Soegtrop10West Lauderdale High School29:06.45--
56Savannah Cooksey10West Lauderdale High School29:07.02--
57Oliva Kittrell10Wayne County High School29:20.7839
58Wessie Jacobs10Demopolis29:25.6340
59Faith Boreman11Northeast Jones HS29:48.00--
60Caroline Fruge6Lamar School29:48.64--
61Shonedra Richardson8Demopolis29:51.5441
62Macie Manasco10Clarkdale High School29:56.26--
63Julia Hines10Neshoba Central HS30:03.4642
64Caroline Larkin9Demopolis30:10.3743
65Macie Alford11Kosciusko High School30:19.8044
66Raven Collins12Southeast Lauderdale HS30:28.5--
67Kyleigh Green9Wayne County High School30:51.8245
68Amaya Roberts9Wayne County High School30:54.3846
69Aaliyah Hill12Wayne County High School30:57.47--
70Gabreilia Rush11Northeast Lauderdale HS30:57.73--
71Kynijza Lampley9Wayne County High School31:13.72--
72Dakyra Payton10Wayne County High School31:15.63--
73Onnahili Williams10Neshoba Central HS32:11.13--
74Kayann Matlock11Clarkdale High School32:14.40--
75Janiyaah Phillips11West Lauderdale High School32:26.48--
76Braeden Smith10Clarkdale High School32:29.97--
77Abbey Carter10West Lauderdale High School32:30.46--
78Sa'miya Mccray12Heidelberg High School32:4047
79Olivia Palmer10West Lauderdale High School32:41.39--
80Lakirria Everett11Wayne County High School32:49.53--
81Natalie Brewer9Wayne County High School33:05.03--
82Rae Rae Wilson12Clarkdale High School33:13.00--
83Abiegail Lynch9Nanih Waiya High School33:27.50--
84Mary Creigh Smith9Demopolis34:37.48--
85Jamia Chambers10Wayne County High School34:39.16--
86Markiya Warren9Wayne County High School34:43.25--
87Sarah Richards12West Lauderdale High School34:44.88--
88Olivia Pollock12Lamar School35:00.23--
89Edie Long12Lamar School35:00.99--
90Anna Katherine Richie9Clarkdale High School35:12.96--
91Mykayla Gaddy13Heidelberg High School35:17.0048
92Kadrianna Spencer11Wayne County High School35:19.81--
93Molly Manasco7Clarkdale High School35:23.72--
94Kylie Wiggins10West Lauderdale High School35:36.63--
95Freedom Hutchinson7West Lauderdale High School35:37.83--
96Lauren Smith9Nanih Waiya High School36:11.89--
97Abby Yudt10West Lauderdale High School36:12.46--
98Kady Rose Hailey9Nanih Waiya High School36:14.14--
99Jessie Taylor9Northeast Lauderdale HS36:15.01--
100Emmalee Myers9Kosciusko High School36:59.1049
101Justice Kittler9Wayne County High School37:33.48--
102TaKiyah Smith11Wayne County High School37:45.16--
103Bridget Cobb9Demopolis37:53.18--
104Bayleigh Busby10Wayne County High School38:25.65--
105Mea Cooley9Wayne County High School39:13.24--
106Kiersten Mabry10Southeast Lauderdale HS39:14.02--
107Rebecca Dawkins11Northeast Lauderdale HS40:00.00--
108Isabella Gray10Lamar School40:14.58--
109Kaylyn Roach10Southeast Lauderdale HS40:16.00--
110Kenya Turner--Heidelberg High School40:26.0050
111Denetria Harris12Wayne County High School41:43.79--
112Laquannite Gilmore--Heidelberg High School43:40.0051
113Iesha Cooley--Heidelberg High School43:47.0052
114K'niyah Mcdonald11Heidelberg High School44:49.0053
115Raven Thomas9Heidelberg High School45:04.0054
116Terrell Marqulala--Heidelberg High School48:11.00--
117Shaquanda Joshua10Heidelberg High School48:15.00--
118Malaisha Bolton10Heidelberg High School48:49.00--

Championship Meet - 19 Teams Team Scores

1Clarkdale High School395671011--
2Lamar School452391417--
3West Lauderdale High School5914132021--
5Neshoba Central HS1331527283033--
6Kosciusko High School1531618264449--
7Wayne County High School1733132353639--
8Heidelberg High School2484748505152--
--Enterprise HS ClarkeNTS
--Northeast Jones HSNTS
--Southeast Lauderdale HSNTS
--Nanih Waiya High SchoolNTS
--Northeast Lauderdale HSNTS