Mia Card to Take the Itawamba Invitational

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Pontotoc looks to win another meet in North Mississippi. They have six runners that should finish in the top 10 lead by Ethan Carnes. Kazdyn Chandler, Nettleton looks to be the odds on favorite to win as the only runner under 17 minutes.

Championship Meet - 14 Teams

1Kazdyn Chandler12Nettleton High School16:53.401
2Ethan Carnes11Pontotoc High School18:14.612
3Michael Starks11Amory High School18:20.003
4Caleb Ruth12Pontotoc High School18:41.204
5William Porter11Pontotoc High School18:50.855
6Cooper Parmer9Pontotoc High School19:12.186
7Cody Rogers11Tremont High School19:19.337
8Evan McCutchen12Pontotoc High School19:26.538
9Jake Reeder12North Pontotoc HS19:36.459
10Freddy Porter10Pontotoc High School19:46.0010
11J.D. Chism10Pontotoc High School19:49.0011
12jake hall10North Pontotoc HS20:13.2912
13Blake Moore12Mantachie High School20:16.1613
14Dylan Herring8North Pontotoc HS20:16.8014
15Bralen Williams9Lafayette High School20:27.5415
16Austin Davis10North Pontotoc HS20:35.2616
17Jd Burleson12North Pontotoc HS20:36.5617
X18Sean Boney10Lafayette High School20:38.718
19Grant Hitchcock10Nettleton High School20:39.1719
20Konner Sartin10Tremont High School21:01.4620
21Michael Cutler11Pontotoc High School21:03.80--
22Mitchell Cook12Pontotoc High School21:10.87--
23Gabe Gipson10Center Hill High School21:12.8221
24Frank Stark8North Pontotoc HS21:14.5422
25Jonathan Dobbs12Mantachie High School21:19.6123
26Gavin Patterson10Nettleton High School21:20.9524
27Philip Heisler11Tremont High School21:23.5825
28Dylan Cooper9Amory High School21:23.6026
29Hector Ortega12Byhalia High School21:27.9027
30Jace Russell10North Pontotoc HS21:35.0628
31Lisandro Escobedo9Lafayette High School21:39.5029
32Gage Medlin11Tremont High School21:41.6530
33Artreyvious Miller11North Pontotoc HS21:44.56--
34Luke Johnson12Amory High School21:45.7031
35parker williams9North Pontotoc HS21:45.75--
36Antwain Kimbrough12Byhalia High School21:48.5032
37Rhys Panes9North Pontotoc HS21:49.38--
38Brayden Burroughs10Tremont High School21:51.1033
39Keith Byars7Amory High School21:58.2034
40Ryan Parker10Tremont High School22:16.2335
41D'Shawn Prude12North Pontotoc HS22:17.10--
42Tristen Hurd9Mantachie High School22:23.8136
43Gentry Lynch9Tremont High School22:24.7137
44Gabe Henry12Pontotoc High School22:28.00--
45Mason Bay11Lafayette High School22:31.4038
46Michael Moore9Pontotoc High School22:32.00--
47Joseph Hogue11Lafayette High School22:33.4039
48Jonathan Masters12Center Hill High School22:37.6640
49Brayden Bowden10Center Hill High School22:48.0041
50Reeves Caden9Pontotoc High School22:57.00--
51Logan Myhand10Pontotoc High School22:58.98--
52jaylan nix10North Pontotoc HS23:00.20--
53Jacob Vickery9Pontotoc High School23:06.95--
54Austin Ogg9Lafayette High School23:12.0042
55Trey Brooks10Itawamba AHS23:15.3943
56Bryan Mendoza11Center Hill High School23:21.0044
57Tannar Broadway9Mantachie High School23:26.2145
58colby boyd9North Pontotoc HS23:26.56--
59Cameron Brown9Tremont High School23:34.98--
60Isaac Tomlin11Itawamba AHS23:35.1046
61Ryder Osmundson12Baldwyn High School23:38.78--
62Corbin Martin10Amory High School23:44.8847
63Ashton Johnson8Itawamba AHS23:48.5848
64Nick Warren9Tremont High School23:49.17--
65christian nagera11North Pontotoc HS23:51.01--
66Nickholas Barnett9Itawamba AHS23:51.0849
67Clay Matthews12North Pontotoc HS23:54.64--
68Tucker Cowsert11Pontotoc High School24:04.98--
69Brandon Gilbert8Baldwyn High School24:28.68--
70Walker Cagle9Tremont High School24:35.98--
71Michael Cole12Center Hill High School24:47.0050
72Austin Page12Baldwyn High School24:47.93--
73Luke Carr12Belmont High School24:50.0151
74Nicholas Campbell11Belmont High School24:58.8352
75Josue Benitez12Byhalia High School25:02.7053
76Carson Ewing10Center Hill High School25:03.0054
77Drew Green12Itawamba AHS25:10.0855
78Sam Dowdy11North Pontotoc HS25:30.28--
79Caleb Bass11Center Hill High School25:36.0056
80Conner Moore9Mantachie High School25:36.3957
81Demetri Doyley12Byhalia High School25:53.9058
82Isaiah Oaks10Belmont High School25:58.1559
83Gage Martin9Lafayette High School25:58.5060
84Aydan Farrar9Baldwyn High School25:59.06--
85Caleb Lafferty12Lafayette High School26:18.00--
86Joseph Hopper10Center Hill High School26:22.00--
87errin mcgillvary9North Pontotoc HS26:32.96--
88Noah Tooley7Belmont High School26:44.2261
89Bryce Reeder9North Pontotoc HS26:48.43--
90Jake South9Itawamba AHS27:33.4562
91christian mounce12North Pontotoc HS27:36.70--
92Gabe Graham10Tremont High School27:42.35--
93Jonathan Greganti12Center Hill High School27:50.00--
94Bryson Roberson7Belmont High School27:53.2463
95Josue Trejo12Byhalia High School28:00.3364
96Keelin Johnson9Pontotoc High School28:19.00--
97Christopher Branham12Itawamba AHS28:29.3665
98jed fitts11North Pontotoc HS28:32.40--
99Tate Hitchcock8Nettleton High School28:38.7066
100Eli Dodson9Nettleton High School28:51.4867
101Travarus Milam--Center Hill High School29:35.62--
102Dylan Gibson10Center Hill High School29:36.63--
103Zach Wright12Center Hill High School30:31.00--
104Landon Fisher7Belmont High School33:18.4168
105Adrian Strong9Lafayette High School33:24.90--
106Devon Whittington9Tremont High School34:06.57--
107Jarell Richardson9Center Hill High School34:21.73--
108Chaz Richoux9Nettleton High School36:35.4669

Championship Meet - 14 Teams Team Scores

1Pontotoc High School2524568--
2North Pontotoc HS68912141617--
3Tremont High School115720253033--
4Lafayette High School1391518293839--
5Amory High School141326313447--
6Mantachie High School1741323364557--
7Nettleton High School177119246667--
8Center Hill High School1962140414450--
9Byhalia High School2342732535864--
10Itawamba AHS2414346484955--
11Belmont High School2865152596163--
--Baldwyn High SchoolNTS