Hurricane Invitational Cole Benoit is the Storm

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Cole Benoit, Pearl River is the big dog on the course for this meet. Unless someone really steps up he will have to run this race on his own to beat his season best.

Championship Meet - 11 Teams

1Cole Benoit12Pearl River Central High School16:33.911
2Mason Watkins11Picayune High School17:19.112
3Mike Seignious12Pass Christian High School18:28.403
4Owen Skelton11Saint Martin High School18:49.474
5Sean Necaise12Pass Christian High School18:53.675
6Carlin Taylor12West Harrison High School19:52.836
7Kendrick Lowery10Pass Christian High School19:59.817
8Andre Gillispie10Gulfport High School20:31.848
9Matthew Johnson9Hancock High School20:34.269
10Cameron Wilson12Picayune High School20:48.2610
11Charles Brice9Picayune High School20:49.0211
12Parker Quandt11West Harrison High School20:54.6812
13Seth Penton11Hancock High School20:55.4713
14Bryce Wilson11Pass Christian High School20:59.5714
15Zach Thomas9Pass Christian High School21:00.1015
16Trevor Stuart12Pearl River Central High School21:15.2816
17Nathan Guill9West Harrison High School21:17.3417
18Mark Lossett12Pearl River Central High School21:21.0018
19Matthew Wingerter11Gulfport High School21:24.6319
20Joshua Brill9Pass Christian High School21:29.2720
21Skye Bortz12Pass Christian High School21:30.0621
22Jahari Smith9Saint Martin High School21:33.4722
23Tristan White12West Harrison High School21:36.0223
24Ryan Waltman12Pass Christian High School21:42.96--
25Andrew Crusan12Pass Christian High School21:43.08--
26Arnulfo Ramirez9Picayune High School21:46.8824
27Dolten Ladner10Pass Christian High School21:54.42--
28Caleb Bergmann11Gulfport High School22:16.2725
29Stephen Ladner12Harrison Central HS22:17.44--
30Tyler Quandt12West Harrison High School22:28.7226
31Kyle Foretich10Pass Christian High School22:37.26--
32Caden Bartram9Saint Martin High School22:44.9627
33Kal Lizana12Pass Christian High School22:48.26--
34Ariaz Jernigan11Pass Christian High School22:49.43--
35Myles Gauthier8West Harrison High School22:49.7528
36Aaron Henson9West Harrison High School23:10.1429
37Zander Allen10Gulfport High School23:23.2230
38Abrams Doxey7Pass Christian High School23:31.49--
39Christian Nunez9Pearl River Central High School23:32.2931
40Ethan Harriel12Hancock High School23:36.2632
41Tim Jenkins12Gulfport High School23:39.9833
42Jared Grover12Hancock High School23:46.6234
43Carson Lajaunie9Pearl River Central High School23:47.6935
44Noah Bartram12Saint Martin High School23:49.1336
45Evan McCoy10Pass Christian High School23:50.41--
46Brayden Barrett10Saint Martin High School23:52.5237
47Tristen Opre11Pearl River Central High School23:56.7338
48Eli Grover10Hancock High School23:58.1539
49Ethan Bass11Pearl River Central High School24:07.6440
50Antonio Smith11Picayune High School24:13.1141
51Luke Smith7Gulfport High School24:17.8042
52Tyrez Arterberry10Gulfport High School24:26.3843
53ryan estbrook10Hancock High School24:31.0644
54William Jones10Gulfport High School24:31.48--
55Shelton Abbott10Hancock High School24:33.0045
56Chaisson Blaine10Picayune High School24:37.2246
57Alexander Chandler10Gulfport High School25:03.27--
58Hunter Mosher9Gulfport High School25:08.66--
59Eli Wilson10Saint Martin High School25:15.3047
60Dylan Hubbard12Picayune High School25:16.0748
61Savier Kemp10Saint Martin High School25:20.3749
62Evan Morel10Pass Christian High School25:23.72--
63Jayden Hornke9Saint Martin High School25:26.24--
64Ethan Crews10Picayune High School25:26.64--
65Cameron Dedeaux9Pass Christian High School25:33.70--
66Sky Paulk9Resurrection Catholic HS25:39.91--
67Jay'den Henson8West Harrison High School25:56.00--
68Dakarai Frazier9Saint Martin High School25:56.05--
69marck konopacki13Hancock High School26:19.15--
70Grant Holladay10Hancock High School26:30.84--
71Mark Knight10Gulfport High School27:03.76--
72Joshua Stewart8Saint Martin High School27:39.82--
73Jacob Waltman9Pass Christian High School27:59.53--
74Stephen Lin11West Harrison High School28:06.46--
75Gabe Umbehr11Pearl River Central High School28:16.09--
76Elliot Spears11Saint Martin High School28:21.12--
77grant oliday10Hancock High School28:46.13--
78Mark Mitchell9Pearl River Central High School28:54.88--
79Rhett White9Pearl River Central High School29:04.13--
80Blake Archer9Pearl River Central High School29:10.30--
81Om Patel10Picayune High School29:46.22--
82Xander Smith10Pearl River Central High School30:12.12--
83Toby Mosher10Gulfport High School30:39.11--
84Matthew Buckley9Resurrection Catholic HS31:05.36--
85Jay Kirkland10Pearl River Central High School32:00.93--
86Joshua Collins11West Harrison High School32:11.69--
X87Jonah Gaukel10Pearl River Central High School32:49.73--
88Evan Phelps7Resurrection Catholic HS33:54.40--
89Kanon Anderson10Hancock High School34:35.45--

For the boys team scores it looks like Pass Christian will be the hands on favorite but to be really strong they need to close the gap between number one and number five..

Championship Meet - 11 Teams Team Scores

1Pass Christian High School443571415--
2West Harrison High School84612172326--
3Picayune High School88210112441--
4Pearl River Central High School101116183135--
5Gulfport High School115819253033--
6Saint Martin High School126422273637--
7Hancock High School127913323439--
--Harrison Central HSNTS
--Resurrection Catholic HSNTS