Virtual Meet: Dawg Trails Invitational

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Myrtle boys could get a great start on the season at this meet with three in the top ten. It will be interesting to see if Thomas Floyd, Ingomar and Antonio Izaquirre, Horn Lake can break 17 minutes this early in the season.

Championship Meet - 15 Teams

1Thomas Floyd10Ingomar High School17:07.851
X2Antonio Izaquirre11Horn Lake High School17:08.002
3Ben Carter9Ripley High School17:553
4Carlos Romero11New Albany High School18:10.004
5Dylan Gaines8Myrtle High School18:10.895
6Blake Mcneal10Myrtle High School18:39.006
7Eric Fritz9Southaven High School18:39.647
8William Duley11East Union High School18:45.188
9Jesus Ruedas10Ripley High School18:46.809
10Hunter Baggett10Myrtle High School19:06.0010
11Matthew Moorman11West Union High School19:13.3311
12Miltron Brown11Horn Lake High School19:16.0012
13Benjamin Barulli11Southaven High School19:21.9713
14Luke Roberts10Ingomar High School19:23.1514
15Auston Wiltcher11Horn Lake High School19:31.0015
16Jorge Ruedas10Ripley High School19:33.5016
17Micah Fulgham9East Union High School19:47.2417
18Hunter Brown11Myrtle High School19:49.4818
19Jaime Mejia8New Albany High School19:58.7019
20Grant Hitchcock9Nettleton High School20:00.5520
21Celique Williams9Ripley High School20:00.8521
22Madison Croft11East Union High School20:14.0122
23Javerise Barber11Southaven High School20:23.4723
24Cade Robinson11Walnut High School20:25.0024
25Colby Gray11Myrtle High School20:33.4525
26Ethan Eaton9New Site High School20:34.8826
27Jalon Wright10Horn Lake High School20:35.0027
28Riley Robinson10Walnut High School20:40.6328
29Gavin Patterson9Nettleton High School20:40.7229
30Ben Williams9Alcorn Central High School20:42.3030
31Adrian Ruedas10Ripley High School20:42.9031
32Jackson Pharr9New Site High School20:43.7232
33Jacob Rose9Southaven High School20:44.6933
34Owen Stowell10New Site High School20:44.8134
35Raymon Carter10Alcorn Central High School20:45.9735
36Keith Goolsby7East Union High School20:46.4836
37Zack Howell8West Union High School20:47.5037
38Blake Doran9Alcorn Central High School20:50.6138
39Payton Ligon9Myrtle High School20:55.0839
40Riley Robbins10Alcorn Central High School21:00.0640
41Wesley Hester9New Site High School21:04.9941
42Walker Moreland10New Site High School21:16.1342
43Adam Adkins9Nettleton High School21:21.9143
44Abraham Rivera10Ripley High School21:25.2644
45Daylon Jones9Myrtle High School21:25.4245
46Willie Lake9Horn Lake High School21:26.0046
47Montgomery Owen9New Albany High School21:26.0047
48Carter Phillips9East Union High School21:29.6148
49Caden Hutcheson8Myrtle High School21:35.48--
50Alan Rangel9Ripley High School21:37.2049
51Adam Atkins9Nettleton High School21:37.8550
52Scott Harville8Alcorn Central High School21:38.0151
53Ethan Hunt9Myrtle High School21:41.80--
54Dawson Boyd7New Albany High School21:42.4052
55Benton Simmons11New Albany High School21:43.0053
56Tylandist McDonald10Ingomar High School21:44.7854
57Connor Moore8New Site High School21:47.9755
58Wyatt Hopper10Walnut High School22:04.2756
59Wade Baker11Ingomar High School22:09.0257
60Owen Hopper8Walnut High School22:12.9358
61John Ross9Alcorn Central High School22:14.0059
62Levi Williams8Alcorn Central High School22:15.0060
63Jon Evan Finny8Nettleton High School22:15.6061
64William Vance8Houston High School22:16.0062
65Ashton Hall9Horn Lake High School22:17.0063
66Alec Barnes11Alcorn Central High School22:23.00--
67Caleb Reeves11Southaven High School22:23.6364
68Gauge Smith12Horn Lake High School22:24.4965
69Jeremy Rakestraw9East Union High School22:31.0066
70Alex Rodriguez9New Albany High School22:37.2767
71Max Spencer10New Albany High School22:39.0068
72John Briggs10East Union High School22:41.9869
73Kemper Cook8Houston High School22:45.2170
74Bryce Taylor11West Union High School22:47.2871
75Jonathan Wismer10West Union High School22:48.0072
76Logan Robbins8Alcorn Central High School22:49.69--
77Will Greer8Myrtle High School22:49.81--
78John Williams9Alcorn Central High School22:50.15--
79Pounds Dalton9New Site High School23:05.5673
80Braden Pierce7East Union High School23:13.10--
81Jorge Favela7New Albany High School23:18.00--
82Evan Cooper9West Union High School23:22.5474
83David Clayton10West Union High School23:24.5175
84Jeffery Schafer10Horn Lake High School23:28.00--
85Payton Dotson9Houston High School23:30.3176
86Antonio Theus10Southaven High School23:35.0477
87Jaysun Hurley9Nettleton High School23:47.0078
88Jackson Griffin11Ripley High School23:51.66--
89Hayden Crump8Houston High School23:53.6979
90Jacob Pearson9Alcorn Central High School24:14.88--
91Matt Webb8Walnut High School24:15.0080
92Alex Nunley9Alcorn Central High School24:30.27--
93John Quitman Brewer9West Union High School24:30.6681
94Ross Rutherford11New Albany High School24:33.00--
95Luke Hamblin11New Albany High School24:33.77--
96Landon Nolan11Walnut High School24:35.9382
97Dalton Seely7Ingomar High School24:43.5583
98Jack Conner9Ripley High School24:45.00--
99Zach Johnson8New Site High School24:48.11--
100Justin Comans10East Union High School25:06.58--
101Jesse Nicholson12New Albany High School25:37.40--
102Blake Williamson8Nettleton High School25:55.1184
103Amir Staten9Horn Lake High School26:00.00--
104Colton Fitzsimmons9New Site High School26:00.40--
105Corbin White9Walnut High School26:23.0085
106Tate Hitchcock7Nettleton High School26:28.74--
107Quay Davidson10Houston High School26:39.0886
108Ryan Boren9New Site High School27:12.36--
109Trey Roten8New Albany High School27:35.00--
110Grant McCoy7Walnut High School27:37.00--
111Tristan McClure8Walnut High School27:39.90--
112Judd Bennett9Ripley High School27:46.07--
113Blade Oaks10Walnut High School28:08.00--
114Peyton Wages9East Union High School28:18.50--
115Miguel Ramirez8West Union High School28:21.30--
116Joahan Chapina10Ripley High School28:38.70--
117Max Smithey8West Union High School28:49.70--
118Andrew Pilcher10East Union High School29:05.07--
119Chris Hoyle11Ripley High School29:22.90--
120Zack Hall9East Union High School29:29.00--
121malachi agnew8Nettleton High School29:36.14--
122Julius Bell9Houston High School30:17.0087

Championship Meet - 15 Teams Team Scores

1Myrtle High School6456101825--
2Ripley High School8039162131--
3Horn Lake High School102212152746--
4East Union High School131817223648--
5Southaven High School140713233364--
6New Albany High School175419475253--
7New Site High School1752632344142--
8Alcorn Central High School1943035384051--
9Nettleton High School2032029435061--
10Ingomar High School209114545783--
11Walnut High School2462428565880--
12West Union High School2651137717274--
13Houston High School3736270767986--