Virtual Meet: Okatibbee Classic

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This is using last years best times as many of these teams have not run a 5K run this year. Enjoy both boys and girls virtual meets.

West Lauderdale and Neshoba Central could be in for a great meet based on last  years times. Come out and watch a great team competition. Alonso Henry is the top runner but can he hold off young runners Rylee Taylor and Graham Lewis of West Lauderdale and Newton County.

Championship Meet - 16 Teams

X1Alonso Henry10Neshoba Central HS17:56.771
2Rylee Taylor8West Lauderdale High School18:28.602
3Graham Lewis8Newton County High School18:49.403
4Taj Horne11Meridian High School18:53.704
5Ryan Henry10Neshoba Central HS19:02.285
6Austin Freeman9Clarkdale High School19:09.926
7Luke Bowles9Wayne County High School19:10.43--
8Ian Graham7Clarkdale High School19:11.107
9Aidan Barr9Southeast Lauderdale HS19:11.48
10Brett Rutledge10Meridian High School19:12.109
11Griffin Bailey8Newton County High School19:22.8010
12Josh Purvis11Northeast Lauderdale HS19:27.4011
13Thomas Saunders8Neshoba Central HS19:29.2412
14Miller Rebeles11West Lauderdale High School19:33.3013
15Jean Betancourt7West Lauderdale High School19:39.6014
16Wesley Phillips11West Lauderdale High School19:40.9015
17Colby Brown9West Lauderdale High School19:43.6016
18Bronson Harper11West Lauderdale High School19:47.0017
19Griffin Atkinson9West Lauderdale High School19:50.4018
20Matthew Landis11West Lauderdale High School19:52.20--
21Kodee Conner10Clarkdale High School19:52.819
22Brandon Hadley10Choctaw County High School19:56.1020
23Dylan Bonner8Neshoba Central HS19:57.9721
24Ezekiel Hutchinson11West Lauderdale High School19:58.10--
25Isaac Frink8Newton County High School20:02.2022
26Clay Cooley11Newton County High School20:05.0023
27Isaac Pilgrim9Neshoba Central HS20:06.4824
28Anthony Bennett10Meridian High School20:07.0825
29Jeffery Waltman10Clarkdale High School20:07.1226
30Tyler Cavenaugh9Newton County High School20:09.3027
31Brendon Boyd10Meridian High School20:13.2028
32Justus Willis9Southeast Lauderdale HS20:16.8029
33Jakarian Mosley11Northeast Lauderdale HS20:20.8030
34Cameron Garrett10Clarkdale High School20:27.4031
35Donald Blake8Newton County High School20:33.8032
36Jonathan Boudreaux11Newton County High School20:37.1033
37Ethan Gentry11Newton County High School20:39.40--
38Nathan Lewis11Newton County High School20:42.20--
39Ivan Betancourt9West Lauderdale High School20:44.40--
40Blake Sanders9Neshoba Central HS20:48.6534
41Alex Adkins11Union High School20:56.5035
42Cole Tadlock7Newton County High School20:57.50--
43Tyler Smith10Northeast Lauderdale HS20:58.3036
44Andrew Phillips11Newton County High School21:01.70--
45Blake Cumberland11Neshoba Central HS21:13.3037
46Kobe Casey10Union High School21:15.7038
47Daniel Galvan9West Lauderdale High School21:20.90--
48Zet Mirabueno10West Lauderdale High School21:23.70--
49Rylee McGlothin11Choctaw County High School21:25.0039
50Will McElheeney11Newton County High School21:26.50--
51Jason Garcia8Northeast Jones HS21:29.0240
52Brett Gordon9West Lauderdale High School21:32.30--
53Tyler White11Northeast Jones HS21:33.5041
54Reed Gorgas11Newton County High School21:35.60--
55David Betancourt10West Lauderdale High School21:38.10--
56Trey McMullen9Nanih Waiya High School21:39.50--
57Hunter Rutledge11Newton County High School21:39.70--
58Jared Bellew10Choctaw County High School21:42.8842
59Carter Miller8Southeast Lauderdale HS21:47.8043
60Caleb Bradley11Neshoba Central HS21:54.15--
61Eber Germany8Northeast Lauderdale HS22:01.6044
62Taylor Buchanan9Southeast Lauderdale HS22:06.6045
63Jacob Lanier8Newton County High School22:09.60--
64Evan Smith8West Lauderdale High School22:12.45--
65Gage Omalley8Union High School22:18.2746
66Axel Galvan11West Lauderdale High School22:20.90--
67Zack Carter10Meridian High School22:23.247
68Parker Moody8Neshoba Central HS22:27.32--
69Will Harris9Enterprise HS Clarke22:35.2348
70Jackson Lafferty9West Lauderdale High School22:38.6--
71Mason McGraw8Enterprise HS Clarke22:38.7749
72Daniel Lofton11Wayne County High School22:39.27--
73Dee Armstrong11Jefferson Davis County HS22:50.00--
74Brenon Sehon11Wayne County High School22:55.60--
75Hayden Burrage8Neshoba Central HS22:56.40--
76Cameron Parks11Northeast Lauderdale HS22:56.8050
77Brady Lagendyk7Lamar School22:58.9251
78Gage Hollingsworth8Newton County High School23:04.23--
79davian jefferson9Northeast Jones HS23:05.8752
80Trey Lester8West Lauderdale High School23:09.90--
81Tristan Gavin11Enterprise HS Clarke23:12.9953
82Cali Wilson7Neshoba Central HS23:14.12--
83Billy Thompson11Union High School23:16.4054
84Lane Brooks7West Lauderdale High School23:18.32--
85Derryon Gray8Enterprise HS Clarke23:21.5555
86Cole Todd9Clarkdale High School23:23.7356
87Nathan Strait10Neshoba Central HS23:26.50--
88Tyler Newsome11Wayne County High School23:26.86--
89Tanner Dailey9Newton County High School23:27.50--
90Gavin Heath10Union High School23:32.4857
91Jesse Hancock8Neshoba Central HS23:37.56--
92Jason Bell7Neshoba Central HS23:39.92--
93Tyler Rayner10Northeast Jones HS23:41.1058
94Jaress Goodin8Neshoba Central HS23:47.09--
95Dayton Byrd8Neshoba Central HS23:47.85--
96Jacob Lee10Enterprise HS Clarke23:50.8359
97Rhett Smith11West Lauderdale High School23:56.50--
98Keenan Selman7Newton County High School23:56.70--
99Luis Allen11Enterprise HS Clarke24:02.4060
100Jakyron Chapman9Enterprise HS Clarke24:08.6061
101Paden Moore10Northeast Lauderdale HS24:11.8062
102Cade Mangum7Newton County High School24:14.58--
103Charlie Nowell10Northeast Jones HS24:17.4063
104Curt Todd11Clarkdale High School24:21.1964
105Jonathon Simms10Jefferson Davis County HS24:22.05--
106Kaydon Howard10Northeast Jones HS24:24.165
107Leighton Henry8Neshoba Central HS24:25.22--
108DeVaughn Miller10Choctaw County High School24:29.0066
109Luke Wall11Newton County High School24:31.70--
110Spence Hanegan7Lamar School24:32.6267
111Brandon Felton10Union High School24:36.5068
112Jack Ross8Union High School24:36.7069
113Paxton Hammons8Choctaw County High School24:41.4570
114Mason Doxey9Northeast Lauderdale HS24:42.1071
115Corey Moss9Northeast Lauderdale HS24:56.12--
116CJ Owens9Meridian High School24:56.6072
117Marvecchio Norris11Union High School24:57.33--
118Brian Threadgill9Choctaw County High School25:04.0073
119Spencer Rea7Neshoba Central HS25:04.56--
120Alex Sturm10Clarkdale High School25:19.10--
121Peyton Kennedy10Enterprise HS Clarke25:25.45--
122Lawson Reeves8Newton County High School25:26.70--
123Robert Wilson6Lamar School25:34.0474
124Travis Ross6Lamar School25:50.5075
125Cross Franklin9Union High School25:50.68--
126Taylor Allen8Southeast Lauderdale HS26:06.8976
127Lazavion Nobles11Northeast Jones HS26:09.3877
128Anthony Medine8Neshoba Central HS26:10.33--
129Blaize Chaudron8West Lauderdale High School26:13.33--
130Eli Rank9West Lauderdale High School26:14.20--
131Landon Toombs8Choctaw County High School26:16.0078
132Joseph Jernigan10Clarkdale High School26:16.40--
133Clay Shumate11West Lauderdale High School26:23.60--
134Wes Pritchard6Lamar School26:35.0979
135Harry Durgin6Lamar School26:35.7480
136Hunter Miles8Southeast Lauderdale HS26:36.8381
137Jonathan Minchew8Enterprise HS Clarke26:37.60--
138Scott Ferguson9Nanih Waiya High School26:46.20--
139Michael Tabb11Northeast Lauderdale HS26:51.20--
140Justin Hopkins9Clarkdale High School27:28.60--
141Sterling Koelker11Neshoba Central HS27:28.90--
142Henry Thorton10Union High School27:43.18--
143Raif Long6Lamar School27:47.5082
144Caleb Cullen9Northeast Lauderdale HS28:01.10--
145Brennyn Robson10Northeast Lauderdale HS28:08.60--
146John Tabor Stokes9Nanih Waiya High School28:10.60--
147Jakarius Pickens9Enterprise HS Clarke28:12.00--
148Diavonte Rhodes11Jefferson Davis County HS28:33.92--
149Ethan Doxey10Northeast Lauderdale HS28:38.70--
150Jalen Joseph11Jefferson Davis County HS29:01.31--
151Cody Hill11Northeast Jones HS29:27.54--
152Prentiss Eaves9Nanih Waiya High School30:04.10--
153Royce Little8Lamar School30:08.48--
154Cole Freeman7Neshoba Central HS30:11.18--
155Gabriel Broome11West Lauderdale High School30:15.70--
156Dominick Morris11Northeast Lauderdale HS30:32.70--
157Connor Rainer9West Lauderdale High School30:56.90--

Championship Meet - 16 Teams Team Scores

1West Lauderdale High School60213141516--
2Neshoba Central HS6315122124--
3Newton County High School85310222327--
4Clarkdale High School8967192631--
5Meridian High School11349252847--
6Northeast Lauderdale HS1711130364450--
7Southeast Lauderdale HS201829434576--
8Union High School2303538465457--
9Choctaw County High School2372039426670--
10Northeast Jones HS2544041525863--
11Enterprise HS Clarke2644849535559--
12Lamar School3465167747579--
--Wayne County High SchoolNTS
--Jefferson Davis County HSNTS
--Nanih Waiya High SchoolNTS