George County Trail Run Girls Virtual Meet

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Emma Claire James, West Lauderdale sets the pace with Gracie Ferguson, D'Iberville close behind. Look for these two to be out front along with Jordan Pete from Saint Patrick. In the team race Saint Patrick and West Lauderdale will battle it out. It will be interesting to see who had the best summer training program in this early season meet.

Championship Meet - 24 Teams

1Emma Claire James10West Lauderdale High School19:16.801
2Gracie Ferguson11D'Iberville High School19:27.442
3Jordan Pete11Saint Patrick High School20:30.823
4Jade Shaw10Pearl River Central High School20:54.134
5Mallory Streetman8Gulfport High School20:54.855
6Lauren Brown10East Central High School21:11.996
7Janelle Johnson11Poplarville High School21:22.397
8Isabel Leatherman9Saint Patrick High School21:35.458
9Amelie Million11Saint Patrick High School21:53.889
10Leighton Jenkins10Oak Grove High School21:54.8810
11Brooklyn Brown9South Jones High School22:00.80--
12Evelyn Kimball9Poplarville High School22:01.4211
13Lexi Green9George County High School22:21.6712
14Tori Woodberry10Gulfport High School22:30.0113
15Kailey Skinner11Oak Grove High School22:50.9314
16Keeleigh Bilbo8Saint Martin High School23:06.5515
17Gracie Bunyard8West Lauderdale High School23:07.0016
18Dana Tanner10George County High School23:18.0017
19Gabriela Patino10Saint Patrick High School23:18.0218
20Mackenzie Pierce11Vancleave High School23:27.8719
21Katelyn Posey10Vancleave High School23:33.1320
22Aslan Shirley8West Lauderdale High School23:44.8021
23Leandria Ruiz7Pascagoula High School23:53.3822
24Jamie Bishop8Gulfport High School23:57.6623
25Justice Hasty7Pascagoula High School24:11.2224
26Jaylnn Seymour9Vancleave High School24:32.9225
27Lauren Childres11D'Iberville High School24:34.1726
28Anna Leigh O'brien9George County High School24:37.9627
29Zoe Clymer7West Lauderdale High School24:39.0028
30Angela Angulo10Poplarville High School24:47.0529
31Kayla Webb11D'Iberville High School24:52.2730
32Noelle Howell7West Lauderdale High School24:52.6031
33Quinlan Pisciotta9Saint Patrick High School24:57.8932
34Georgia Zanca11Our Lady Academy25:03.3733
35Autumn Adams11Saint Martin High School25:05.1934
36Shelby Schmitt12Hancock High School25:05.5035
37Cyara Pendergrass10Oak Grove High School25:05.8636
38Jasmine Sharp11Poplarville High School25:19.9237
39Aaryanna Burney11Vancleave High School25:20.2538
40Emma Hopkins7West Lauderdale High School25:24.0039
41Taylor Slade11Our Lady Academy25:25.0640
42Ava Gordon9Our Lady Academy25:31.6241
43Cadence Carter8Saint Martin High School25:35.3942
44Hailey Collins11Gautier High School25:40.7043
45Jessie Sanders10Hancock High School25:47.8744
46Karly Wells9Saint Martin High School25:47.8945
47Jordan Townsend10Oak Grove High School25:50.1746
48Destiny Miles11Pascagoula High School25:58.1147
49Katelyn Powell7D'Iberville High School26:16.9348
50Hannah Lunsford9Vancleave High School26:17.4949
51Adrienne Lavinghouse9Pascagoula High School26:23.0750
52Nadia Corder8Pascagoula High School26:30.8251
53Kennady Hertz11Our Lady Academy26:36.3952
54Katie Spiers9Oak Grove High School26:42.4653
55Carmen Knight8D'Iberville High School26:47.5154
56Rahel Sterki11Gulfport High School26:59.0555
57Anna Leigh O'Brien9George County High School27:02.2056
58Megan Bryant10Our Lady Academy27:09.8157
59Hanna Mayfield9Vancleave High School27:10.8058
60Isabelle Gelpi11Our Lady Academy27:19.1759
61Lauren Thomas11East Central High School27:21.6160
62Breanna Gipson9Hancock High School27:23.8361
63Lindsey McClure7Saint Patrick High School27:24.7262
64Jade Temple11West Lauderdale High School27:34.3063
65Ceana Palacio10Gulfport High School27:44.5264
66Lori Turnage9George County High School27:46.0065
67Tiffany Timpson11Saint Martin High School27:49.1366
68Grace Bowers9West Lauderdale High School27:56.00--
69Corina Burney11Gautier High School28:00.3267
70Hannah Campbell9Oak Grove High School28:01.1268
71Kagen Mccurin11Picayune High School28:01.39--
72Carlee Johnson11East Central High School28:02.5769
73Amaya Smith9East Central High School28:09.7970
74Hermine Granberry11Oak Grove High School28:11.2671
75Presley Mullinax7Saint Patrick High School28:22.7672
76Danielys Borges Arroyo9Pascagoula High School28:24.3273
77Brennan Chenevert9Vancleave High School28:39.9974
78Alexis Lantz8Vancleave High School28:46.94--
79Alyssa O'Callaghan9Saint Martin High School28:50.1675
80Cynthia Taylor11Pearl River Central High School28:51.3676
81Abbey Carter9West Lauderdale High School28:53.50--
82Savannah Cooksey9West Lauderdale High School28:54.00--
83Gabrielle Hutchinson9West Lauderdale High School28:57.60--
84Meg Corlew8Pascagoula High School28:59.4677
85Sugelis Valenzuela9Gautier High School29:00.4778
86Haylee Burge9Pearl River Central High School29:06.4079
87Annie Sossaman9Pascagoula High School29:13.35--
88skylar cuevas10Hancock High School29:15.2380
89Kari Houston8Pascagoula High School29:15.84--
90Frances Gibson11Saint Martin High School29:19.5081
91Izabella Colson9Gautier High School29:31.0482
92Carmen Destazio10Saint Patrick High School29:34.36--
93Chanie Blalock10Oak Grove High School29:42.84--
94Savanna Norsworthy8East Central High School29:44.1583
95Kalynn Lawrence10Oak Grove High School29:45.28--
96Hannah Herrington9Resurrection Catholic HS29:47.8584
97Isabella Burgett8Resurrection Catholic HS29:49.0885
98Annie Ladner10Hancock High School29:52.0186
99Adriana Boloni9Gautier High School29:52.1887
100Kathleen Taylor8Gautier High School30:01.6688
101Hannah Russell10Pearl River Central High School30:08.8589
102Beyla Bleichner10Saint Patrick High School30:27.43--
103Chloe Herron10Hancock High School30:43.5390
104Madison Burrell10Our Lady Academy30:44.4191
105Riley Matheny9D'Iberville High School30:51.5292
106Madalynn Davis9East Central High School31:02.7493
107Chasitie Ulmer11Pearl River Central High School31:04.2094
108Julia Butler9West Lauderdale High School31:05.00--
109Lily Ates9East Central High School31:22.2495
110Isabel Wolf11Our Lady Academy31:24.55--
111Kylie Wiggins9West Lauderdale High School31:31.10--
112Rebekah Pucket9Purvis High School31:42.8896
113Juliana Sabagh7Saint Patrick High School31:57.06--
114Lilli McInnis9Gautier High School31:57.7397
115Gracelimar Figuero9Gautier High School31:58.55--
116Ashley Garcia-prado8Pascagoula High School32:07.27--
117Arionna Slater11East Central High School32:09.21--
118Zoe Gipson12Poplarville High School32:19.8498
119Cali Reinhart9Our Lady Academy32:21.19--
120Katlyn Pardue9Vancleave High School32:25.77--
121Abby Yudt9West Lauderdale High School32:38.38--
122Makaylee Little9East Central High School32:38.54--
123Maria Elena Vega8Gulfport High School32:41.2399
124Ellen Villarrubia9Vancleave High School32:48.12--
125Kylee Benefield11East Central High School32:56.39--
126Abigail Eubanks10George County High School32:56.39100
127Emma Spiers8Pearl River Central High School32:59.91101
128Brayleigh Spiers10Pearl River Central High School33:04.48102
129Haleiana Jones7Pascagoula High School33:09.56--
130Aden Felts7Resurrection Catholic HS33:24.80103
131Emily Ward11D'Iberville High School33:27.00104
132Victoria Wolf11Our Lady Academy33:28.15--
133Kylie Holbrook11West Lauderdale High School33:33.33--
134De'Zhane Bell10Pearl River Central High School33:46.37--
135Sydney Burrell8Our Lady Academy33:52.85--
136Danielys Borges Arroy9Pascagoula High School33:56.33--
137Haily Dearman10Pearl River Central High School33:58.34--
138Sophia Compretta10Our Lady Academy34:08.14--
139Savannah Lacy7Pearl River Central High School34:25.27--
140Jia Hua Chen10George County High School34:38.65105
141Sarah Richards11West Lauderdale High School34:51.69--
142Polet Chipol11Pearl River Central High School35:25.71--
143Shelbi Harris7Purvis High School35:39.50106
144Presley Baker7Purvis High School35:39.75107
145Kayla Risor9Gautier High School35:49.63--
146Linda Nguyen11Gautier High School35:49.86--
X147Taylor Triplett9Gautier High School36:01.12--
148Alondra Martinez10Pascagoula High School36:27.45--
149Paige Carter10Saint Martin High School36:28.34--
150Audrey Lyncker9Pearl River Central High School36:36.95--
151Kali Davis9Pearl River Central High School36:38.32--
152Stephanie Huynh9Gautier High School37:23.02--
153Alexia Chavez9Pearl River Central High School37:26.09--
154Amy Trotter10Purvis High School37:45.48108
155Jessica Hatfield9Resurrection Catholic HS38:09.57109
156Sofia Diaz del Valle8Our Lady Academy38:13.54--
157Hannah Grace Hegwood11West Lauderdale High School38:35.20--
158Kenslee Ivey7Vancleave High School39:27.70--
159Savannah Humber9Gautier High School39:45.67--
160Caylee Swan7Purvis High School40:11.95110
161Hannah Waltman9Gautier High School40:19.14--
162Landry Touchstone7Purvis High School41:52.75111
163Laqueen Johnson10Pascagoula High School43:30.95--
164Melvisha Summers7Resurrection Catholic HS46:28.75112
165Ally Massey11Resurrection Catholic HS46:35.88113
166Lita Risk11Vancleave High School48:17.18--

Championship Meet - 24 Teams Team Scores

1Saint Patrick High School703891832--
2West Lauderdale High School97116212831--
3Vancleave High School1511920253849--
4Oak Grove High School1591014364653--
5Gulfport High School160513235564--
6D'Iberville High School160226304854--
7George County High School1771217275665--
8Poplarville High School182711293798--
9Pascagoula High School1942224475051--
10Saint Martin High School2021534424566--
11Our Lady Academy2233340415257--
12East Central High School288660697083--
13Hancock High School3063544618086--
14Pearl River Central High School342476798994--
15Gautier High School3574367788287--
16Resurrection Catholic HS4938485103109112--
17Purvis High School52796106107108110--
--South Jones High SchoolNTS
--Picayune High SchoolNTS