George County Trail Run Boys Virtual Meet

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Clay Derrick, Oak Grove leads the pack for the George County Trail run. His 16:27.69 is one of the top times in the state from last year. He has Cole Benoit, Pearl River Central close on his tail at 16:34.05. These two could set a hard pace today if the rain does not muddy the course too much. In the team race Saint Stanislaus with some great pack running could come out on top over East Central. Come out an enjoy a great afternoon of racing at George County High School first race starts at 4:30 p.m.

Championship Meet - 21 Teams

1Clay Derrick11Oak Grove High School16:27.691
2Cole Benoit11Pearl River Central High School16:34.052
3Adam Taylor11East Central High School17:07.523
4Mason Watkins10Picayune High School17:10.194
5Christian Balcer9East Central High School17:19.155
6Cade Meyers9Saint Patrick High School17:36.226
7Landry Lemoine11Saint Stanislaus High School17:45.317
8Mason Prince11D'Iberville High School18:07.168
9Keegan Leverett8Saint Stanislaus High School18:15.919
10Dylan Middleton11Saint Patrick High School18:22.1310
11Adam Atigh9East Central High School18:28.5711
12Rylee Taylor8West Lauderdale High School18:28.6012
13Mason McCullough10Saint Patrick High School18:45.2413
14Carston Raymond10Saint Stanislaus High School18:57.4214
15Kyle Capo10Saint Stanislaus High School18:59.0715
16Alex Koons11Saint Stanislaus High School19:10.1416
17Seth Penton10Hancock High School19:16.4117
18Brandon Griffith7Saint Stanislaus High School19:32.0218
19Miller Rebeles11West Lauderdale High School19:33.3019
20Angel Vela10D'Iberville High School19:34.1420
21Cody Rowan11Oak Grove High School19:36.0421
22Carson Leverett8Saint Stanislaus High School19:39.4522
23Jean Betancourt7West Lauderdale High School19:39.6023
24Wesley Phillips11West Lauderdale High School19:40.9024
25Colby Brown9West Lauderdale High School19:43.6025
26Chandler Deluca10George County High School19:44.8426
27Bronson Harper11West Lauderdale High School19:47.0027
28Matthew Smith9Purvis High School19:47.2028
29Daniel Saewert11Vancleave High School19:49.3829
30Griffin Atkinson9West Lauderdale High School19:50.4030
31Jacob Malley12Hancock High School19:51.3431
32Matthew Landis11West Lauderdale High School19:52.20--
33Preston Lee11East Central High School19:52.4132
34Ezekiel Hutchinson11West Lauderdale High School19:58.10--
35Nate Abel9Oak Grove High School19:58.2633
36Owen Skelton10Saint Martin High School19:58.7034
37Kyle Stegall7Saint Stanislaus High School20:00.44--
38Jayce Pater8George County High School20:00.8035
39reagan marsteller9Purvis High School20:01.8436
40Tyler Brickeen9Pearl River Central High School20:02.7237
41Enrique Martinez9Gautier High School20:05.5838
42Alexander Chandler9Gulfport High School20:06.97--
43Dominic Patino8Saint Patrick High School20:15.2139
44Trevor Stuart11Pearl River Central High School20:20.9940
45jack debrow10Purvis High School20:28.8241
46Scott Moore8East Central High School20:29.6142
47Michael Burns9Saint Stanislaus High School20:33.88--
48Mitchell Smith9Purvis High School20:38.6143
49Isaac Fisher10Oak Grove High School20:42.5044
50Ashton Smith10D'Iberville High School20:43.6645
51Ivan Betancourt9West Lauderdale High School20:44.40--
52Tanner Woolbright11Oak Grove High School20:45.4446
53Jameson Thriffiley8Saint Patrick High School20:47.0847
54Clayton Fleming9George County High School20:51.2348
55David Sullivan11George County High School20:54.9649
56Grayson Ard9East Central High School20:55.1950
57john madden11Purvis High School20:55.5151
58Matthew Wingerter10Gulfport High School20:55.54--
59Parker Harrington10Oak Grove High School20:59.9852
60Evan Byrne10Saint Stanislaus High School21:15.16--
61Daniel Galvan9West Lauderdale High School21:20.90--
62Jon Gautreaux9D'Iberville High School21:21.1153
63Peyton Peoples9Oak Grove High School21:23.0554
64Brady Davis10Pearl River Central High School21:23.3855
65Zet Mirabueno10West Lauderdale High School21:23.70--
66Jackson Vice10East Central High School21:27.3656
67Brett Gordon9West Lauderdale High School21:32.30--
68John Daniel Chalakee11Gautier High School21:32.7657
69Abel Nettles8Saint Stanislaus High School21:37.16--
70David Betancourt10West Lauderdale High School21:38.10--
71Kaleel Salloum10Saint Patrick High School21:38.2058
72William Wilson10Vancleave High School21:42.0559
73Rob Bufkin10South Jones High School21:49.55--
74Connor Tootle7Vancleave High School21:58.0960
75Tim Jenkins11Gulfport High School22:02.27--
76Charles Brice8Picayune High School22:05.5661
77Nicholas Melton9Pearl River Central High School22:08.3762
78Michael Canulette10Picayune High School22:08.5063
79Michael Pitts11Oak Grove High School22:10.90--
80Ethan Harriel11Hancock High School22:11.0464
81Evan Smith8West Lauderdale High School22:12.45--
82John Daniel Chalakee11Gautier High School22:14.3165
83Austin Duke10Vancleave High School22:17.2066
84Reid Loper9D'Iberville High School22:17.2267
85Roberto Lara8Gautier High School22:18.0868
86Jackson Maillho10Saint Stanislaus High School22:19.12--
87Charles Kilgore9Saint Martin High School22:19.5169
88Axel Galvan11West Lauderdale High School22:20.90--
89Sage Aucion11D'Iberville High School22:22.9770
90dylon greenwood10Hancock High School22:25.7471
91Nicholas Weir10Gautier High School22:26.7072
92Graham Smith10D'Iberville High School22:32.6673
93William Baxter9Saint Stanislaus High School22:32.96--
94Carson Lajaunie8Pearl River Central High School22:37.1174
95Benjamin Hutchinson10D'Iberville High School22:38.20--
96Jackson Lafferty9West Lauderdale High School22:38.60--
97Jose Lugo10Pascagoula High School22:40.6075
98West Falks11East Central High School22:40.74--
99Marshall Eleuterius8Saint Patrick High School22:44.4376
100T'Mari Page10Purvis High School22:45.3977
101Dee Armstrong11Jefferson Davis County HS22:50.00--
102Javier Moreno9Purvis High School22:52.7778
103Graham Gustafson10Oak Grove High School22:59.66--
104Justin Bridges10George County High School23:00.4679
105Lowell Fountain11D'Iberville High School23:03.38--
106Noah Roblin9Oak Grove High School23:09.59--
107Trey Lester8West Lauderdale High School23:09.90--
108Nathan Walters10East Central High School23:11.22--
109Lane Brooks7West Lauderdale High School23:18.32--
110Ricky Graves11Oak Grove High School23:20.14--
111Kyle Mcdonald11Pascagoula High School23:20.1780
112Mac McCormick10Oak Grove High School23:20.79--
113Gabe Sandoz9Saint Stanislaus High School23:26.47--
114Cj McClean11Saint Martin High School23:28.1281
115Dyan Murray11Oak Grove High School23:34.68--
116Jose Martinez8Pascagoula High School23:50.4182
117Jayden Hornke8Saint Martin High School23:51.7283
118Caleb Fillingim9George County High School23:51.8484
119Juan Torres9Pascagoula High School23:53.4585
120Rhett Smith11West Lauderdale High School23:56.50--
121Wills Landrum10George County High School24:04.2086
122Antonio Smith10Picayune High School24:08.0187
123Tiernan Alderman10Saint Stanislaus High School24:14.84--
124Raoul Ramos7Picayune High School24:19.3088
125Jonathon Simms10Jefferson Davis County HS24:22.05--
126Connor Claffey9East Central High School24:29.23--
127Seth Whittington9Saint Martin High School24:31.5089
128Kashawn Scott9Picayune High School24:45.4790
129Dalton Anderson9Saint Martin High School24:46.0891
130Jack Claffey11East Central High School24:46.44--
131Allen Halsall9Gautier High School24:56.4092
132Samuel Perez11Pascagoula High School25:01.3593
133Garrett Kraut9Oak Grove High School25:03.11--
134Thomas Waddell9Pascagoula High School25:04.5294
135Devin Robinson8Gautier High School25:04.5995
136Mason Anderson10Saint Martin High School25:07.8296
137Teal Salloum11Saint Patrick High School25:10.00--
138Caleb Hicks10Oak Grove High School25:10.30--
139Quin Harrington10D'Iberville High School25:11.22--
140Slade Smith11Oak Grove High School25:30.62--
141Bobby Carney10East Central High School25:32.39--
142Jack Dufrene10Saint Stanislaus High School25:35.02--
143Shayne Re'9D'Iberville High School25:42.18--
144Aiden McCusker8Gautier High School25:42.36--
145Brennan Chenevert9Vancleave High School25:47.8497
146Derl Cole9Vancleave High School25:57.1498
147Blaize Chaudron8West Lauderdale High School26:13.33--
148Eli Rank9West Lauderdale High School26:14.20--
149Ethan Cook9D'Iberville High School26:14.29--
150ryan westbrook10Hancock High School26:19.0899
151Clay Shumate11West Lauderdale High School26:23.60--
152Andrew Anderson11Saint Martin High School26:24.84--
153Brayden Barrett9Saint Martin High School26:26.26--
154Joshua Carter11Saint Martin High School26:29.12--
155Ethan Crews9Picayune High School26:33.00100
156Morgan Blum10Saint Stanislaus High School26:39.20--
157Jacob Jones7Pascagoula High School26:40.99101
158Ronald Myers10Resurrection Catholic HS26:44.67--
159Louis Spotorno8Oak Grove High School26:59.21--
160Anthony Nine8Picayune High School27:15.70--
161Angel Navarro10Hancock High School27:29.43102
162Chase Rouse11George County High School27:43.79--
163Josh Debrow7Purvis High School27:43.92--
164Liam Jordan8Gautier High School27:57.70--
165Rhett White8Pearl River Central High School28:05.15103
166Wesley Dulin7Purvis High School28:18.93--
167mark konopacki11Hancock High School28:28.74104
168Diavonte Rhodes11Jefferson Davis County HS28:33.92--
169Joseph Ridgdell9George County High School28:46.24--
170Jalen Joseph11Jefferson Davis County HS29:01.31--
171daniel moreno9Purvis High School29:01.43--
172Joshua Stewart7Saint Martin High School29:20.33--
173Thomas Crowe10Saint Stanislaus High School29:25.84--
174William Panni8Pascagoula High School29:30.40--
175Edwin Barajas9Picayune High School29:34.67--
176Malachi Collins8Gautier High School29:35.53--
177Chaisson Blaine9Picayune High School29:51.8--
178Gabriel Broome11West Lauderdale High School30:15.7--
179Om Patel9Picayune High School30:15.97--
X180Jaylin Jones10George County High School30:48.03--
181Connor Rainer9West Lauderdale High School30:56.9--
182Garrett Sampson9Pearl River Central High School31:36.83--
183Xander Smith9Pearl River Central High School31:56.82--
184Justin Miller10Gautier High School31:59.47--
185Jonathan Schaffer10Gautier High School36:00.01--

Championship Meet - 21 Teams Team Scores

1Saint Stanislaus High School6179141516--
2East Central High School9335113242--
3West Lauderdale High School1031219232425--
4Saint Patrick High School115610133947--
5Oak Grove High School145121334446--
6D'Iberville High School193820455367--
7Pearl River Central High School196237405562--
8Purvis High School1992836414351--
9George County High School2372635484979--
10Hancock High School2821731647199--
11Gautier High School3003857656872--
12Picayune High School303461638788--
13Vancleave High School3112959606697--
14Saint Martin High School3563469818389--
15Pascagoula High School4157580828593--
--South Jones High SchoolNTS
--Resurrection Catholic HSNTS
--Gulfport High SchoolNTS
--Jefferson Davis County HSNTS