Pillow Leads MAIS 4A D2 Because of Team Running

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MAIS AAAA Div 2 Results

M 5000m1Will Sullivan1018:31.681
M 5000m3Mac Magee819:32.453
M 5000m4Matthew Sanders1219:43.644
M 5000m6Anderson Crechale1119:53.926
M 5000m7Matthew Robinson820:14.907
M 5000m21Blake Powell1223:25.5119
M 5000m37Grant Sullivan1225:00.5933

M 5000m2Porter Spell1218:43.422
M 5000m5Jeffery Bready1019:44.205
M 5000m9Matthew Jefcoat921:08.559
M 5000m10Cole Tyler1121:09.6110
M 5000m11Jacob Lawes821:43.8911
M 5000m12John Hollis Tackett1121:46.2312
M 5000m16Juan Hernandez822:43.6815

2018 Returning
Pillow starts the season in the number one slot with Hartfield Academy in second both lost one senior in the top five. The difference starting the season is that Hartfield lost two more seniors in the six and seven position which gave Pillow the lead based on the changes in those top seven positions. The true competitiveness of cross country is illustrated by how much the entire scoring team affects the overall standing of a team.

1Pillow Academy (MS)39
1) Jeffery Bready19:44.203
2) Matthew Jefcoat21:08.557
3) Cole Tyler21:09.618
4) Jacob Lawes21:43.8910
5) John Hollis Tackett21:46.2311
Average Time: 21:06.50 Total Time: 1:45:32.48 1-5 Split: 2:02.03
6) Juan Hernandez22:43.6814
7) Alex Lindsey23:13.1518
2Hartfield Academy (MS)51
1) Will Sullivan18:31.681
2) Mac Magee19:32.452
3) Anderson Crechale19:53.924
4) Matthew Robinson20:14.905
5) Logan Lavvorn29:24.9839
Average Time: 21:31.59 Total Time: 1:47:37.93 1-5 Split: 10:53.30
6) Cole Anderson34:15.3040
3East Rankin Academy (MS)87
1) Duncan Russell22:16.7713
2) Dillon Delaughter22:43.7615
3) West Winstead22:51.5216
4) Ethan Ezelle23:45.0021
5) Jonah Caldwell23:46.1822
Average Time: 23:04.65 Total Time: 1:55:23.23 1-5 Split: 1:29.41
6) J.t. White23:48.7023
7) Charlie Parker25:12.7532
4Washington School (MS)94
1) Banks Dinkins20:57.026
2) Owen Hardin21:50.8312
3) Bo Ray23:37.9420
4) Nathan Thompson24:31.4927
5) Cooper Janous24:40.7629
Average Time: 23:07.61 Total Time: 1:55:38.04 1-5 Split: 3:43.74
6) Hunter Trussell25:28.8033
5Copiah Academy (MS)103
1) Evan McAlpin21:39.999
2) Wyatt Albright23:28.7419
3) Ricky Tebo23:56.7824
4) Will Adams24:01.0825
5) Aidan Rogers24:26.4426
Average Time: 23:30.61 Total Time: 1:57:33.03 1-5 Split: 2:46.45
6) Ty Hollingsworth24:41.0230
7) Tanner Hollingsworth25:06.4231