Who Leads Boys Class 5A Team Rankings for 2018

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State Meet 2017

M 5000m1Andrew Knott1216:43.401
M 5000m2Adrian Lockwood1217:07.302
M 5000m8Darius Arnold1217:47.608
M 5000m13Jacob Britt1017:57.7013
M 5000m15Grayson Childress818:04.2015
M 5000m23Jake Thompson818:34.4023
M 5000m24Caleb Mccreary1218:38.9024

M 5000m4Payton Temple1117:22.204
M 5000m7Joshua Peek1217:45.607
M 5000m9Brent Gobbell1217:50.909
M 5000m11Jack Cobb1017:54.3011
M 5000m12Tanner Buse1217:55.4012
M 5000m20Eli Hannon1018:21.1020
M 5000m25Austin Sanders1118:49.2025

Now this interesting boy of the top two teams had at least three seniors in scoring position from 2017. Saltillo though has the strongest team returning based on 2017 best times while State Champions Brookhaven fell back and trails by 56 points. Remember this is based on last years best times of returners. This could make for a great team race at State.

Returning 2018

1Saltillo High School (MS)28
1) Payton Temple16:57.212
2) Eli Hannon17:43.004
3) Jack Cobb17:45.005
4) Austin Sanders17:47.786
5) Silas Herring18:04.8611
Average Time: 17:39.57 Total Time: 1:28:17.85 1-5 Split: 1:07.65
6) Rustin Roberts18:08.6212
7) Jacob Timmons18:29.3815
2Brookhaven High School (MS)84
1) Jacob Britt17:57.709
2) Grayson Childress18:04.2010
3) Jake Thompson18:34.4016
4) Samuel Mabile19:02.5220
5) Collin Kellum19:22.0829
Average Time: 18:36.18 Total Time: 1:33:00.90 1-5 Split: 1:24.38
6) Rafael Sevillano19:38.5936
7) James Gardner20:34.4164
3West Harrison High School (MS)113
1) Matthew Collins18:12.9913
2) Carlin Taylor18:37.1617
3) Parker Quandt19:03.2921
4) Tristan White19:07.5323
5) Laegan Mire-moran19:48.6639
Average Time: 18:57.93 Total Time: 1:34:49.63 1-5 Split: 1:35.67
6) Michael Hight20:10.5451
7) Tyler Quandt20:26.5962
4Neshoba Central HS (MS)145
1) Alonso Henry17:56.778
2) Ryan Henry19:02.2819
3) Thomas Saunders19:29.2430
4) Dylan Bonner19:57.9740
5) Isaac Pilgrim20:06.4848
Average Time: 19:18.55 Total Time: 1:36:32.74 1-5 Split: 2:09.71
6) Blake Sanders20:48.6572
7) Blake Cumberland21:13.3082
5Long Beach High School (MS)206
1) Garret Touchet19:21.7628
2) Luke Thomas19:33.6732
3) Devin Carter19:35.6035
4) Brennan Sheard20:17.8255
5) Jake Thomas20:20.0056
Average Time: 19:49.77 Total Time: 1:39:08.85 1-5 Split: 58.24
6) Ronan Perry20:38.2066
7) Wesley Watson20:50.1474

Number one returning ranked individual is Cole Benoit, Pearl River Central but his team currently ranks number ten in returning teams. It is going to take a lot of work to climb the team rankings.

10Pearl River Central High School (MS)287
1) Cole Benoit16:34.051
2) Tyler Brickeen20:02.7244
3) Trevor Stuart20:20.9958
4) Brady Davis21:23.3886
5) Nicholas Melton22:08.3798
Average Time: 20:05.90 Total Time: 1:40:29.51 1-5 Split: 5:34.32
6) Carson Lajaunie22:37.11109
7) Rhett White28:05.15150