Can the Ocean Springs Girls Repeat in 2018

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End of Season 2017

1Ocean Springs High School (MS)63
1) Andrea Wheeler19:23.505
2) Sadie Smith19:33.5010
3) Amber Koch19:40.2311
4) Isabelle Wheeler19:43.6612
5) Amelia Prochnow20:18.7425
Average Time: 19:43.93 Total Time: 1:38:39.63 1-5 Split: 55.24
6) Katherine Prochnow20:26.6129
7) Isabella Furr21:24.2462
2Pearl HS (MS)96
1) Clare Pinter19:28.667
2) Hannah Pinter19:45.8314
3) Shana Sellers20:05.5619
4) Daeja Davis20:09.7320
5) Grace Massey20:39.0236
Average Time: 20:01.76 Total Time: 1:40:08.80 1-5 Split: 1:10.36
6) Anna Crane21:36.7880
7) Whitney Schuler22:18.92138

State Meet Breakdown
F 5000m2Amber Koch1219:40.232
F 5000m3Andrea Wheeler1219:43.673
F 5000m7Isabelle Wheeler920:26.787
F 5000m8Sadie Smith1120:30.158
F 5000m10Katherine Prochnow1220:36.8810
F 5000m11Amelia Prochnow1120:39.9211
F 5000m17Penelope Prochnow921:35.7217

F 5000m4Hannah Pinter1120:01.714
F 5000m5Clare Pinter1120:08.065
F 5000m6Daeja Davis920:09.736
F 5000m13Grace Massey1120:59.8213
F 5000m22Anna Crane1122:04.1522
F 5000m25Whitney Schuler1122:18.9225

As you can see from above the seniors really carried Ocean Springs to victory over Pearl in 6A. However look below and see the returning runners and really see what the loss of three seniors can do to a team. Ocean Springs must rebuild if they want to win back to back championships.

Returning 2018

1Pearl HS (MS)71
1) Clare Pinter19:28.664
2) Hannah Pinter19:45.8310
3) Shana Sellers20:05.5615
4) Daeja Davis20:09.7316
5) Grace Massey20:39.0226
Average Time: 20:01.76 Total Time: 1:40:08.80 1-5 Split: 1:10.36
6) Anna Crane21:36.7863
7) Whitney Schuler22:18.92113
2Ocean Springs High School (MS)128
1) Sadie Smith19:33.507
2) Isabelle Wheeler19:43.668
3) Amelia Prochnow20:18.7418
4) Isabella Furr21:24.2446
5) Penelope Prochnow21:26.5849
Average Time: 20:29.34 Total Time: 1:42:26.72 1-5 Split: 1:53.08
6) Roslyn Inabinette22:27.23121