Clinton Season Opener Virtual Meet for Saturday

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Kristopher Moore, Clinton starts his journey to capture the State Record in the 400 meter dash. 

100 Meter Dash

1Kristopher Moore11Clinton High School11.1010
2Christian Williams9Clinton High School11.248
3Trey Banks11Clinton High School11.286
4Tayvius Wright9Clinton High School11.325
5Ashton Nickelberry9Brandon High School11.334
6Dakara Shoto10Brandon High School11.343
7Tayvius Wright9Sumner Hill Junior High School11.452
8Caleb Reynaud9Brandon High School11.481

200 Meter Dash

1Kristopher Moore11Clinton High School21.3810
2Jonathan Mingo10Brandon High School22.698
3Dakara Shoto10Brandon High School23.096
4Christian Williams9Clinton High School23.175
5Ashton Nickelberry9Brandon High School23.214
6Tayvius Wright9Sumner Hill Junior High School23.323
7Tim Montague11Brandon High School23.442
8Trey Banks11Clinton High School23.601

400 Meter Dash

1Kristopher Moore11Clinton High School47.8210
2Christian Williams9Clinton High School51.218
3Phillip Barnett10Brandon High School53.776
4Brian Lawson10Brandon High School54.065
5Marvelle Groves11Vicksburg High School55.014
6Ja'marea Briscoe8Clinton Junior High55.063
7Chase Moore9Sumner Hill Junior High School55.142
8Chase Smith10Brandon High School55.311

800 Meter Run

1Jordan Shannon10Clinton High School2:01.6210
2Martinez Bogan9Clinton High School2:08.318
3Cameron Entremont8Brandon High School2:08.976
4Evan Carite9Clinton High School2:12.445
5Martinez Bogan9Sumner Hill Junior High School2:12.674
6David Jackson9Brandon High School2:13.003
7Matthew Wilson11Brandon High School2:15.102
8Jack Maloney9Sumner Hill Junior High School2:23.711

1600 Meter Run

1Austin Bourne10Brandon High School4:40.1610
2Ethan Kelley10Clinton High School4:49.888
3Noah Martinolich11Clinton High School4:53.236
4Martinez Bogan9Sumner Hill Junior High School5:12.635
5Jack Maloney9Sumner Hill Junior High School5:15.334
6Evan Carite9Clinton High School5:21.103
7Leyton Levingston8Brandon Middle School5:25.452
8Markieth Stimage10Vicksburg High School5:30.201

3200 Meter Run

1Noah Martinolich11Clinton High School10:39.5410
2Ethan Kelley10Clinton High School10:40.338
3Jack Maloney9Sumner Hill Junior High School11:45.026
4Leyton Levingston8Brandon Middle School11:47.195
5Markieth Stimage10Vicksburg High School11:59.364
6Jake Moody9Sumner Hill Junior High School12:29.853
7John York11Brandon High School12:44.052
8Sian Mcgregor9Brandon Middle School12:49.321

110 Meter Hurdles

1Rickey Colbert9Clinton High School16.3410
2Celeycan Hill10Brandon High School16.388
3Amar Rodgers9Brandon High School16.476
4Tim Montague11Brandon High School16.625
5Tyriq Johnson11Vicksburg High School16.934
6Zavian Hales8Brandon Middle School17.203
7Deaundre Ward8Brandon Middle School17.922
8Dezavius Minor11Clinton High School18.721

300 Meter Hurdles

1Rickey Colbert9Clinton High School41.8510
2Amar Rodgers9Brandon High School41.908
3Celeycan Hill10Brandon High School44.626
4Tim Montague11Brandon High School44.875
5Dezavius Minor11Clinton High School44.994
6Tyriq Johnson11Vicksburg High School45.903
7Chris Fowler8Clinton Junior High46.872
8Deaundre Ward8Brandon Middle School49.441

Shot Put

1Justin Kelly11Clinton High School45-1010
2Hayden Quick11Brandon High School45-88
3Tristan Gladney8Brandon Middle School44-106
4Ronnie Thomas11Clinton High School41-45
5Michael Perry8Brandon Middle School39-3.754
6Matthew Brown8Clinton Junior High36-103
7Joseph Myers10Brandon High School36-92
8Caleb McGowan11Clinton High School36-2.51


1Cooper Hinton8Brandon Middle School126-110
2Justin Kelly11Clinton High School118-08
3Omauree Roberts8Clinton Junior High114-16
4Sean Lasseter8Brandon Middle School107-15
5Leyton Levingston8Brandon Middle School105-104
6Paxton Edmonson9Brandon High School104-103
7Ronnie Thomas11Clinton High School100-92
8Jayden Lewis8Clinton Junior High100-51

Long Jump

1Daryon Jackson11Clinton High School21-210
2Derrick Jordan11Clinton High School21-08
3Deaundre Ward8Brandon Middle School19-26
4Javontae Joiner9Sumner Hill Junior High School18-10.755
5Robert Jones10Vicksburg High School18-94
6Tyriq Johnson11Vicksburg High School18-83
7Christopher Henderson9Vicksburg High School18-7.52
8Cedric Phillips9Vicksburg High School18-61

Triple Jump

1Derrick Jordan11Clinton High School44-510
2Daryon Jackson11Clinton High School43-9.58
3Tyler Proctor10Brandon High School43-5.756
4Javontae Joiner9Clinton High School43-25
5Javontae Joiner9Sumner Hill Junior High School40-11.754
6Robert Jones10Vicksburg High School40-63
7Cedric Phillips9Vicksburg High School40-5.752
8Tyler Ward9Brandon High School39-11.251

High Jump

1Nick Ivory8Brandon Middle School5-1010
2Nick Ivory8Brandon High School5-108
3Brian Lawson10Brandon High School5-86
4Javontae Joiner9Sumner Hill Junior High School5-65
5Emanuel Harris9Brandon High School5-44
6Javontae Joiner9Clinton High School5-43
7Nick McKinley9Sumner Hill Junior High School5-02
8Devin Bass8Clinton Junior High5-01

Pole Vault

1Michael Franks11Clinton High School13-0.2510
2John Ingram10Brandon High School11-0.58
3Dawson Albriton10Brandon High School10-06
4Blake Finklea9Brandon High School9-65
5Aaron Fortenberry8Brandon Middle School9-54
6Jj Bailey8Brandon High School8-63
7Matthew Bailey10Clinton High School8-62
8Kadin Atkinson8Brandon Middle School8-61

Team Scores

		                    Boys - Team Rankings - 14 Events Scored                     
1) Clinton High School 228 2) Brandon High School 161
3) Brandon Middle School 64 4) Sumner Hill Junior High 46
5) Vicksburg High School 31 6) Clinton Junior High 16