Pearl versus Clinton a Dual Meet Girls

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A trip back to the old days with a head to head dual meet. I know the scoring is not for a dual meet and it left out relays but it still gives us a feeling of how it was. Plus you can see how it goes in a dual meet battle.

100 Meter Dash

1Savi'a Varnell2019Pearl HS12.03 10
2Jayda Eckford2018Clinton High School12.27 8
3Olivia Womack2020Clinton High School12.38 6
4Jamaya Rand2018Pearl HS12.72 5
5Kambria Cotton2019Clinton High School12.77 4
6Amyra Sanders2020Pearl HS13.46 3
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200 Meter Dash

1Jayda Eckford2018Clinton High School24.34 10
2Savi'a Varnell2019Pearl HS24.43 8
3Jamaya Rand2018Pearl HS25.60 6
4Olivia Womack2020Clinton High School26.15 5
5Trinity Williams2021Clinton High School26.34 4
6Amyra Sanders2020Pearl HS28.67 3
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400 Meter Dash

1Jayda Eckford2018Clinton High School56.84 10
2Savi'a Varnell2019Pearl HS57.09 8
3Tytianna Houston2019Pearl HS1:01.72 6
4Olivia Womack2020Clinton High School1:02.61 5
5Michayla Johnson2019Clinton High School1:04.01 4
6Hannah Chaffee2018Pearl HS1:05.62 3
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800 Meter Run

1Mary Claire Ford2019Clinton High School2:26.42 10
2Keaira Dixon2018Pearl HS2:29.53 8
3Jalecia Johnson2021Pearl HS2:31.79 6
4Selena Harper2019Pearl HS2:32.53 5
5Rachel Coleman2019Clinton High School2:35.34 4
6ZoĆ« Gorden2022Clinton High School2:35.57 3
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1,600 Meter Run

1Clare Pinter2019Pearl HS5:27.96 10
2Hannah Pinter2019Pearl HS5:37.54 8
3Shelby Dean2020Clinton High School5:47.40 6
4Grace Massey2019Pearl HS6:05.48 5
5Lecia Grimmett2020Clinton High School6:10.58 4
6Laura Joy Travis2019Clinton High School6:44.93 3
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3,200 Meter Run

1Clare Pinter2019Pearl HS11:50.64 10
2Shelby Dean2020Clinton High School12:35.48 8
3Grace Massey2019Pearl HS12:57.66 6
4Daeja Davis2021Pearl HS13:14.84 5
5Laura Joy Travis2019Clinton High School15:13.73 4
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Lyric Reed2018Pearl HS14.63 10
2Riana Jones2019Pearl HS17.42 8
3Ralynn Jenkins2019Pearl HS17.73 6
4Ashley Myers2019Clinton High School17.83 5
5Trinity Williams2021Clinton High School18.40 4
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Jakayla Johnson2020Clinton High School47.40 10
2Lyric Reed2018Pearl HS49.42 8
3Alexandria Colbert2018Clinton High School49.57 6
4Riana Jones2019Pearl HS49.69 5
5Michayla Johnson2019Clinton High School54.00 4
6Ralynn Jenkins2019Pearl HS54.54 3
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Long Jump

1Lyric Reed2018Pearl HS17-8 10
2Olivia Knight2020Pearl HS15-9 8
3Ashley Myers2019Clinton High School15-5.5 6
4Olivia Mosley2018Pearl HS15-3 5
5Erin Washington2019Clinton High School15-1 4
6Madison Johnson2019Clinton High School13-10 3
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High Jump

1Ayaii Houston2018Clinton High School4-8 9
1Victoriah Harvey2020Pearl HS4-8 9
3Hannah Chaffee2018Pearl HS4-6 5
3Madison Johnson2019Clinton High School4-6 5
3Olivia Knight2020Pearl HS4-6 5
6Jakayla Johnson2020Clinton High School4-0 3
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Triple Jump

1Michayla Johnson2019Clinton High School35-4.25 10
2Ashley Myers2019Clinton High School34-4.5 8
3Olivia Mosley2018Pearl HS32-10 6
4Akyra Bennett2019Pearl HS32-1.5 5
5Madison Johnson2019Clinton High School31-11 4
6Olivia Knight2020Pearl HS31-5.75 3
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Pole Vault

1Ayaii Houston2018Clinton High School9-6 10
2Amari Shields2019Clinton High School7-6 7
2Jessica Brandon2018Clinton High School7-6 7
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Shot Put

1Kiara Vance2018Clinton High School34-8.5 10
2Madelynn Webster2020Clinton High School34-0.5 8
3Michaela Walker2019Pearl HS31-3 6
4Ebony Huff2018Clinton High School30-7 5
5Victoria Walters2020Pearl HS26-11 4
6Taleisha Johnson2019Pearl HS26-9 3
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1Kiara Vance2018Clinton High School125-3 10
2Ebony Huff2018Clinton High School97-8 8
3Michaela Walker2019Pearl HS91-11 6
4Taleisha Johnson2019Pearl HS82-10 5
5Nareuna Ford2019Clinton High School78-6 4
6Victoria Walters2020Pearl HS74-10.5 3

A look at the break down of scoring shows each teams strength and weaknesses. 

Team Scores

1Clinton High School248
2Pearl HS238