St. Andrew's Boys and Choctaw Central Girls To Win Region 3-3A Meet

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Luis Flores, Saint Andrew's has a slim eight second lead over McCoy Johnson, Choctaw Central heading into the meet at Choctaw Trails in Clinton. With the cooler weather times should be under the 18 minute mark.

5,000 Meter Run

1Luis Flores2019Saint Andrew's HS18:02.53 1
2McCoy Johnson2019Choctaw Central HS18:10.70 2
3Ichukashhelohah Solomon2018Choctaw Central HS18:33.60 3
4Wynn Garriga2018Saint Andrew's HS18:54.14 4
5bobby cooper2021Wilkinson County HS18:57.46 5
6Alex Mungan2021Saint Andrew's HS19:09.62 6
7Jackson Bataille2021Saint Andrew's HS19:11.10 7
8Aidan Barr2021Southeast Lauderdale HS19:11.40 8
9Maliq Nehilla2021Wilkinson County HS19:15.99 9
10John Spencer Jones2018Saint Andrew's HS19:17.70 10
11Dantzler Clemmons2019Choctaw Central HS19:25.14 11
12Wesley Linton2018Southeast Lauderdale HS19:25.60 12
13Cameron Jenkins2018Choctaw Central HS19:33.80 13
14Jack Archer2018Saint Andrew's HS19:34.77 14
15Tucker Shelson2019Saint Andrew's HS19:58.86 15
16Justus Willis2021Southeast Lauderdale HS20:16.80 16
17Raplheal Toledano2018Forest High School20:22.00 17
18Owen Newburger2022Saint Andrew's HS20:36.85 --
19Ira Anderson2021Choctaw Central HS20:45.60 18
20Jack Ditto2018Saint Andrew's HS20:55.91 --
21Randaurrius Tickles2020Wilkinson County HS20:59.65 19
22Norman Bickham2020Wilkinson County HS21:13.38 20
23Dezarion Singleton2020Wilkinson County HS21:21.16 21
24Cody Meredith2019Wesson High School21:24.96 22
25Morris Evans2019Port Gibson High School21:32.84 23
26Brison Dixon2018Choctaw Central HS21:40.20 24
27Myelle Tealer2019Port Gibson High School21:43.95 25
28jakub mclean2020McLaurin High School21:44.60 26
29Carter Miller2022Southeast Lauderdale HS21:47.80 27
30Joshua Harvel2022Saint Andrew's HS21:51.99 --
31Tyler Bell2018Choctaw Central HS21:54.09 28
32Justice Dear2018Southeast Lauderdale HS21:55.60 29
33Kortland Herrington2021Port Gibson High School22:05.79 30
34Taylor Buchanan2021Southeast Lauderdale HS22:06.60 31
35Karo Artegga2019Forest High School22:08.20 32
36Kelton Jolla2021Wilkinson County HS22:14.78 33
37Herbert Poole2018Wilkinson County HS22:21.20 34
38Luke Sanders2021Forest High School22:36.08 35
39Narron Cotton2018Choctaw Central HS22:37.24 --
40Sam Marcus2018Saint Andrew's HS22:40.93 --
41Caleb Reardon2019Seminary High School22:42.61 36
42Kane Clark2021McLaurin High School22:45.11 37
43quncy jones2021Wilkinson County HS22:45.35 --
44Dami Oluwatade2022Saint Andrew's HS22:48.40 --
45Trey Ellison2019Saint Andrew's HS22:49.88 --
46Tanner Johnson2021McLaurin High School22:55.31 38
47Anderson Argueta2019Forest High School22:56.80 39
48Elton Fitzgerald2021Jefferson County HS22:59.15 40
49gerson lopez2019Forest High School23:08.10 41
50Heath Seawright2023Saint Andrew's HS23:08.61 --
51Brias Bell2018Choctaw Central HS23:09.49 --
52Willie Johnson2021McLaurin High School23:11.30 42
53Sam Strange2023Saint Andrew's HS23:17.93 --
54Dragen Denson2021Choctaw Central HS23:23.12 --
55Nick Gomillion2020Wesson High School23:26.36 43
56Nee Thompson2023Saint Andrew's HS23:27.82 --
57Logan Hux2022Wesson High School23:29.78 44
58landen jenkins2018McLaurin High School23:35.00 45
59zac stephens2020McLaurin High School23:40.60 46
60Jack Brown2020Saint Andrew's HS23:42.15 --
61Dalton Dear2018Saint Andrew's HS23:43.44 --
62Jack Crawford2023Saint Andrew's HS23:51.60 --
62owen welch2021McLaurin High School23:51.60 47
64Andrew Brookshire2021McLaurin High School23:58.06 --
65Christian Artegga2019Forest High School24:18.85 48
66lane Westrope2023Wesson High School24:25.19 49
67Forrest Hutchison2021Saint Andrew's HS24:26.52 --
68Christian Scarborough2021McLaurin High School24:30.30 --
69Clay Morris2019Saint Andrew's HS24:40.89 --
70Elijin Solomon2023Choctaw Central HS24:47.20 --
71Benjamin Wright2023Saint Andrew's HS24:56.68 --
72Ricky Miller2022Saint Andrew's HS25:01.12 --
73Vernon Alexander2019Port Gibson High School25:01.47 50
74Penn Lorraine2022Wesson High School25:10.80 51
75Trejandes Willis2020Choctaw Central HS25:17.13 --
76Jackson Bryant2019Seminary High School25:17.46 52
77Austin Lott2019Seminary High School25:17.53 53
78Selase Dzathor2021Saint Andrew's HS25:21.34 --
79Grant Morgan2019Saint Andrew's HS25:24.05 --
80Meritt DeVoss2021Saint Andrew's HS25:28.73 --
81Will McInnis2019Wesson High School25:32.32 54
82Tre Matherne2019Seminary High School25:39.49 55
83Clayton Wilkins2023Saint Andrew's HS25:48.05 --
84Taylor Allen2022Southeast Lauderdale HS26:06.89 56
85Trey Gray2018Saint Andrew's HS26:08.97 --
86Bryce Langely2019Wesson High School26:14.61 57
87Jaevon Walker2021Jefferson County HS26:15.27 58
88Dail Reid2021Forest High School26:29.10 59
89Tyler Nix2021Jefferson County HS26:30.38 60
90Sam McInnis2022Wesson High School26:30.81 --
91Coleman Bonds2023Wesson High School26:35.37 --
92Will Thomas2023Jefferson County HS26:55.06 61
93LaVonte Chambliss2020Port Gibson High School27:11.09 62
94Bishop Opata2018Saint Andrew's HS27:14.71 --
95Hunter Miles2022Southeast Lauderdale HS27:20.10 --
96Alex Brown2021Saint Andrew's HS27:26.93 --
97Lane Farmer2021Choctaw Central HS27:50.40 --
98Nathaniel May2018Southeast Lauderdale HS27:53.70 --
99Triston Boyd2019McLaurin High School27:55.76 --
100Titus Gooden2018Jefferson County HS27:56.49 63
101Wes Armstrong2021Seminary High School27:57.66 64
102Quartis Thompson2020Port Gibson High School28:06.65 65
103Will Wallace2021McLaurin High School28:55.71 --
104Camaury Pierce2018Jefferson County HS28:59.07 66
105Kentrell Woods2019Jefferson County HS29:00.84 67
106Louis Resendez2018Forest High School29:30.40 --
107Micah Jones2019Wesson High School29:37.64 --
108Charley Hutchison2018Saint Andrew's HS30:03.41 --
109Kedarrius Sims2023Jefferson County HS30:42.04 --
110Gabe Selman2023Wesson High School30:48.04 --
111Penn Rovira2021Wesson High School31:41.54 --
112Evan Champney2022Saint Andrew's HS32:02.47 --
113Adrian Moore2020Seminary High School32:33.69 68
114Justin Coke2018McLaurin High School32:55.60 --
115DJ Aycock2021McLaurin High School32:55.90 --
116Austin Adams2021Seminary High School33:03.79 69
117Keegan Pickering2021Seminary High School34:06.62 --
118Kamari Haymer2019McLaurin High School35:39.50 --
119Cayden Corbin2021McLaurin High School36:56.90 --
120Chase Hart2023Wesson High School39:40.37 --
121Mason Frost2019Seminary High School43:14.53 --
122Dustin Dupree2019Wesson High School44:21.00 --
123Sebastian Garduno2019Wesson High School44:31.00 --

In the team race it is Saint Andrew's with what should be a large 19 point lead over Choctaw Central. However, as cross country prove time and again anything can happen.

Team Scores

1Saint Andrew's HS281+4+6+7+10 (14+15)1:15.1718:55.02
2Choctaw Central HS472+3+11+13+18 (24+28)2:34.9019:17.77
3Wilkinson County HS745+9+19+20+21 (33+34)2:23.7020:21.53
4Southeast Lauderdale HS928+12+16+27+29 (31+56)2:44.2020:31.44
5Forest High School16417+32+35+39+41 (48+59)2:46.1022:14.24
6McLaurin High School18826+37+38+42+45 (46+47)1:50.4022:50.26
7Port Gibson High School19023+25+30+50+62 (65)5:38.2523:31.03
8Wesson High School20922+43+44+49+51 (54+57)3:45.8423:35.42
9Seminary High School26036+52+53+55+64 (68+69)5:15.0525:22.95
10Jefferson County HS28240+58+60+61+63 (66+67)4:57.3426:07.27