Meet Recap: Multiple course records go down

High School Teams Recap

High School Girls: Simpson wins narrow victory

If there was one prediction that we nailed, it was this one. Although East Rankin Academy ran phenomenally, Simpson Academy had a clear victory with two in the top three and five in the top nine. 

We put Simpson as the No. 3 best team in the state in the preseason, and they proved us right at the season opener. 

We also called Columbia Academy for third place. They also ran very well and had a 1-4 split of less than two seconds, but their No. 5 was too far back to really make a difference in the team score. 

However, if we factor in Emma Raines into the high school girls' results, who won the girl's junior high winner, Simpson still would have won, but it would be much more narrow. 

For today, Simpson is the best team in MAIS 5A due to their very strong scoring five, but we definitely wouldn't take East Rankin out of the equation just yet. 

High School Boys: Columbia pulls off upset

This was another prediction that we were slightly off on, as Columbia Academy proved us wrong and took down pre-race favorites Presbyterian Christian School by two points. 

PCS looked strong up front, but it was their four-minute 1-5 spread that made them vulnerable, and from there, it was Columbia's for the taking. 

Columbia also had a solid low stick in Haddox-Harvey, and PCS in Brody Creel. 

However, PCS ran into the same problem as Columbia Academy on the girl's side, and that is their No. 5 runner being very far back. 

Columbia didn't match PCS on their No. 2-4 spots, but Columbia's No. 5 came in one minute and 46 seconds ahead of PCS's No. 5. 

It should be noted that PCS did not run the Market twins, for unknown reasons. If they would have been in a PCS jersey, we are sure that the team score may have played out a little differently. 

All in all, We know it's early, and we also know that these teams have plenty of time to figure it out.