Monday Morning Recap: Deep fields in Saltillo

JV Races

Moving to the middle school races, we also saw some of the best JV runners in the state compete at Saltillo on Saturday. On the girl's side, we had Maggie Irwin and Abbey Sanders once again go head-to-head. 

With half a mile to go, they were neck and neck and had a fairly sizeable gap on the rest of the field. However, it was all Irwin with big last 400 meters to kick away from Sanders, increasing her record to 2-0 against Sanders this season. 

In the small school JV girls race, we saw another impressive victory in Eliza McCarley from Baldwyn High School Victory, winning by well over a minute and in 14:11 in a 2.1-mile course - She was probably a little under 13:50 at the 2-mile mark. 

In the boy's JV races, we had some of the top-ranked JV runners in the state go head-to-head, including #1 ranked middle schooler, Andrew Brown. 

Brown did what he likes to do, and that's taking it out hard. He shot out like a bullet at the start, and never looked back. He covered the 2.1-mile course in 11:27 and was right around 11:00 at the 2-mile mark. Brown handed the young talent from Germantown, Holland Smith his first loss of the season. Smith, along with Nathaniel Wilbanks, still ran extremely well, as they were under 11:40 at the 2-mile mark. 

However, it was the Andrew Brown show on Saturday. Rumor has it that Brown will be going after the 3k middle school state record at Watson next month... 

The future of Mississippi looks very bright ladies and gentlemen.