Mississippi Outdoor Track Schedule 5 April - 10 April

Sam Murray, Harrison Central attempting 6'8"


Very busy week this next week. I would have to clone myself many times just to cover the meets I want to see myself. District week in the MHSAA is always difficult for the editor of the state and this one is no exception. I will see some of you this week but will be disappointed not to see you all.

The MAIS will also be busy this week so look out for their meets also.

4/5MHSAA Division 2-5AColumbus, MS
4/5MHSAA Division Meet 5-5ABrookhaven, MS

4/6MHSAA Division 7-6AD'Iberville, MS
4/6MHSAA Division 1-3A & Divison 4-3AIuka, MS
4/6MHSAA Division Championships 4-5A & 6-5AJackson, MS
4/6MHSAA Division Meet 3-5ACanton, MS
4/6WHS JH Invitational #2Winona, MS
4/7Bayou Academy JrHi District 4ACleveland, MS
4/7Canton Academy Classic and District 4AA JHCanton, MS
4/7Jackson Academy InvitationalJackson, MS
4/7MAIS 1A-2A, 1-AA & 1- AAA Jr High ChampionshipClarksdale, MS
4/7MHSAA Division 1-4A, Division 1-1A & 2-1AIuka, MS
4/7MHSAA Division 3-1A & 1-2APotts Camp, MS
4/7MHSAA Division 6-1A & 4-2AItta Bena, MS
4/7MHSAA Division Meet 8-6AGulfport, MS
4/7PCS Invitational IIIHattiesburg, MS
4/7Vancleave InvitationalVancleave, MS
4/8MHSAA Division 1-6AOlive Branch, MS
4/8MHSAA Division 2-4A and Division 4-1APontotoc, MS
4/8MHSAA Division 3-2A and Division 3-4AItta Bena, MS
4/8MHSAA Division 3-6A and 4-4AStarkville, MS
4/8MHSAA Division 4-6AMadison, MS
4/8MHSAA Division 5-6A and 7-4ALucedale, MS
4/8MHSAA Division 8-1A & 7-5AHattisburg, MS
4/8MHSAA Division 8-3A & 7-2ATylertown, MS
4/8MHSAA Division Championships 7-1A & 6-6APearl, Ms
4/8MHSAA Division Meet 8-5APascagoula, MS
4/9Division 2-6AOxford, MS
4/9JPS Middle School ChampionshipsJackson, MS
4/9MHSAA Division 2-2AWinona, MS
4/9MHSAA Division Meet 5-2A & 5-4AFlowood, MS
4/10Forerunner ClassicPetal, MS
4/10MHSAA Division 2-3A & 1-5AOlive Branch, MS
4/10MHSAA Division 5-1A & 3-3AWinona, MS
4/10MHSAA Division 6 -2A, 6-3AMadison, MS
4/10MHSAA Division Meet 7-3AWoodsville, MS
4/10MHSAA Division Meet 8-4A