Camrun Norman, Hattiesburg High Interview

Camrun Norman, Hattiesburg High Long Jump


Camerun Norman By Coach Brian O'Neal

Ahead of the Gulf Coast Classic, I had the opportunity to sit down with Camrun Norman from Hattiesburg High School to get his thoughts about this weekend's competition as well as his future aspirations. Here are some of the questions and answers that came out of this interview.

Q: As one of the top returning jumpers in Mississippi, talk to us for a second about your goals for this season.

A: My goal for the season is to be the #1 High School High Jumper in the United States and clearing 7'4" by the end of the season.


Q: You were off to such a hot start to begin last season before the pandemic hit, what was your reaction when you found out that your junior season had ended?

A: I really didn't complain because there wasn't anything I could do about the situation. I've learned through athletics to control what I can control and not worry about the rest, but being honest, sometimes I let my mind drift back to last season and wonder just how good I would have finished the season after getting off to such a good start. But hey life goes on and I am blessed to have another opportunity to showcase my skill set.


Q: For the people that are reading this article and don't know a lot about the high jump, can you give us some insight into what goes through your mind as you prepare for the high jump?

A: The High Jump is such a mental event, especially as the bar continues to rise. For me, I try to not overthink the situation. I close my eyes to focus and block out all distractions. From there I try as best as possible to have my body do what my coaches and I have trained it to do in practice.


Q: Of the 3 jumping events, which is your favorite and why?

A: I really like the high jump and long jump equally. Partially because these events have brought me the most success, but also those 2 events in the state of Mississippi have produced some really good athletes, and being a competitor I'm looking to push myself to be the best.


Q: What type of leader are you for your team?

A: As a leader, I try to bring positive energy to my team. The field events are typically the first events to happen at a meet and I try to go out and perform for my team to show them that they can have the same amount of success by going out and taking pride in competing for Hattiesburg High.

Q: Being a State Champion team in 2019 what are some of the things you will away from your experience of being around Coach Green for the last few years?

A: Winning the state championship was the culmination of a lot of hard work. The training sessions during the summer and offseason along with getting together on Sundays prepared us for the season. Then we just went out and trusted what Coach Green and the rest of our coaches preached to us about competing and believing in ourselves. Coach Green is an amazing coach who honestly should be coaching at a higher division level. Coach Green stresses for us to do our best. He's constantly pushing us to achieve more and to elevate our goals. What I will take away from Hattiesburg High is the leadership shown by Coach Green and our coaches and the amount of time they take out of their lives to help my teammates and myself be successful athletes both on and off the track.