Pontotoc Invitational Course Short? Not Really

Mia Card and Madison Jones  Saltillo High


Well for those that like to think that the Pontotoc course at the Cherry Creek Orchard is short.  Wait until you run the new version. Yes, it is short but not as much as some would like you to believe. 

I walked the Varsity 5K course yesterday with my wheel and took the shortest route I could with my Meter wheel. Some of the inside the curve routes I took will only work for the shortest runners as many others will get hit in the face by apple tree limbs. But after 3.1 miles or 5K I could only make the course short by 21.5 meters. Now if my horrible math is correct that is only about 70 feet short. I believe even the slowest runners can cover that in under 10 seconds. Heck, I could at 70 years old. Some no more complaining or I will come to your course and measure it. LOL 

Parker Legoff, Corinth High is our cover photo for this article.