Mississippi Girls Overall Cross Country Team Rankings

Based on points Saltillo High has a 130 point lead over second-place Jackson Preparatory. These two do not face each other but they are both strong teams. The MAIS has three teams in the top five of the girls' team ranking. Simpson Academy in second place and Madison Ridgeland is currently in fifth place.

1Saltillo High School(MS)54
1)Mia Card19:19.104
2)Emma Kate White19:33.008
3)Abby Covington19:48.1012
4)Madison Jones19:52.4413
5)Anna Caroline Crouch19:58.7017
Average Time: 19:42.27Total Time: 1:38:31.341-5 Split: 39.60
6)Avery Kate Priest20:01.2018
7)Anna Caroline Crouch20:51.1339
2Jackson Preparatory School(MS)187
1)Julia Stradinger18:50.801
2)Kimmons Sheppard20:24.5525
3)Gracie Atkinson20:26.7626
4)Olivia Smith21:22.2862
5)Havens Smith21:34.3073
Average Time: 20:31.74Total Time: 1:42:38.691-5 Split: 2:43.50
6)Sarah Beth Usey21:37.5076
7)Lauren Anne Smith24:09.69241
3Simpson Academy(MS)198
1)Layla Warren19:38.7010
2)Emma Overstreet20:44.0035
3)Carson Carter21:04.0048
4)Kinsley Welch21:05.3049
5)Mary Margaret White21:18.5056
Average Time: 20:46.10Total Time: 1:43:50.501-5 Split: 1:39.80
6)Sophie Grubbs23:36.90191
7)Mary Madelyn Grubbs25:16.10353

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