Fleet Feet Invitational Virtual Meet Girls

Brooklyn Biancamano, Long Beach has run 19:22 so far this season so should have no problems winning this race. This could be the meet she runs under 19 for the first time this season. Her closest competitor should be Lauren Entremont, Brandon High. Lauren has had a slow start also to this season with a 21:00.50 in her first race.

Individuals (does not include new runners)

1Brooklyn Biancamano10Long Beach High School18:07.681
2Lauren Entremont7Brandon High School19:10.112
3Aubrey Britt10Loyd Star School19:33.35--
4Emily Ireland8St. Andrew's HS19:51.073
5Sierra Wallace11Choctaw Central HS20:22.164
6Kate Simms7St. Andrew's HS20:41.885
7Ava Sylve9Germantown High School21:05.316
8Angela Bethea9Madison St. Joseph HS21:06.837
9Evelyn Mata-O'Dwyer9Clinton High School21:10.328
10Lyleonia Johnson11Choctaw Central HS21:11.249
11Abigail Osness8Long Beach High School21:21.0510
12Julia Glasgow7Germantown High School21:21.3711
13Skyler Ellis11Northwest Rankin HS21:22.4712
14Ellie Slay10Brookhaven High School21:24.9413
15Emma Levingston8Brandon High School21:29.6514
16Carol Rappai9St. Andrew's HS21:44.3715
17Catelyn Martin11Choctaw Central HS21:54.1616
18Madalynn Pitts8Brandon High School22:00.4317
19Chloe Martin8Florence High School22:22.7318
20Ramie Stovall9Brookhaven High School22:30.0119
21Octavia Adams11Clinton High School22:30.8420
22Camryn Cassreino9Madison St. Joseph HS22:38.9621
23Lily Gray9Brookhaven High School22:39.0922
24Maddie Tupper10Germantown High School22:40.0023
25Quinn Boerner9Brookhaven High School22:40.2624
26Taylor Watts8Brandon High School22:45.9725
27Ava Dear9Madison Central HS22:48.4526
28Celie Dixon9Clinton High School22:51.5127
29Bailey Gray7Brandon High School22:55.3228
30MacKenzie Mercer8Madison Central HS22:56.6829
31Meg Glasgow9Germantown High School22:59.3630
32Isabella Flores10St. Andrew's HS23:22.1831
33Rayne Lewis10Clinton High School23:23.6232
34Ella Goolsby9Clinton High School23:26.9533
35Katelin Williams8Neshoba Central HS23:33.4334
36Leilaya McMillan10Choctaw Central HS23:40.2235
37Madison Cloud11Clinton High School23:40.2436
38Maggie Sewell9St. Andrew's HS23:42.7537
39Aurora Latimer8Brandon High School23:47.6038
40Xenia Minton11St. Andrew's HS23:50.3639
41Skylar Smith9Northwest Rankin HS24:08.7740
42Daniella Borda11Northwest Rankin HS24:17.6641
43Shantasia John11Choctaw Central HS24:20.1242
44Sydney Collins7Madison St. Joseph HS24:21.1943
45Claudia Maron7St. Andrew's HS24:30.1744
46Natalie Derrick11Clinton High School24:30.5645
47Alexandra Zevallos9St. Andrew's HS24:35.59--
48Hannah Graff8Long Beach High School24:36.1646
49Samantha Smith11Warren Central HS24:39.49--
50Abbie Wilson9Sebastopol High School24:39.50--
51Olivia Hutchins10Clinton High School24:42.43--
52Ilyan Hill8Brandon High School24:51.7947
53Mandy Proctor9Choctaw Central HS24:52.8848
54Merritt Wolfe10Brookhaven High School24:53.1449
55Jalani Miller11Northwest Rankin HS25:00.6050
56Kylie Williamson10Choctaw Central HS25:00.8951
57Kathryn Land9Germantown High School25:03.2852
58Hannah Claire Gray7Brandon High School25:06.18--
59Neely Bryan9Northwest Rankin HS25:07.2953
60Sarah Bradford Seawright11St. Andrew's HS25:10.87--
61Kailyn Willis8Choctaw Central HS25:17.20--
62Kelsey Canterbury11Northwest Rankin HS25:19.8454
63Avery Stallings10St. Andrew's HS25:24.16--
64Alexa Nanatovich11Long Beach High School25:34.1355
65Bridey Walters8Long Beach High School25:36.3456
66Kristen Arrington10Germantown High School25:41.2557
67Audrey Mobley8Northwest Rankin HS25:41.6058
68Ivy Alley7St. Andrew's HS25:41.81--
69Allie Horn9Neshoba Central HS25:42.9059
70Almera Charlie7Choctaw Central HS25:44.37--
71Gabriella Zevallos8St. Andrew's HS25:44.63--
72Natalie Stupica9Northwest Rankin HS25:46.33--
73Summer Hawk10Clinton High School25:48.71--
74Tatum Pettit11St. Andrew's HS25:58.21--
75Macy Carter11Northwest Rankin HS26:20.11--
76Summer Watkins10Germantown High School26:22.1260
77Chloe Kirkland9Neshoba Central HS26:22.5261
78Regan Christensen11Long Beach High School26:27.4562
79Niah Caples9Vicksburg High School26:30.0063
80Savanna Dinger9Northwest Rankin HS26:31.05--
81Kaitlyn Hamilton11Clinton High School26:34.62--
82Tiara Tronstad7Wesson High School26:39.1064
83Claire Waddell11St. Andrew's HS26:42.07--
84Caitlyn Waddell10Florence High School26:44.2765
85Anna Maria Martin9St. Andrew's HS26:51.64--
86Daysia Henry11Choctaw Central HS26:53.90--
87Erin Olander10Germantown High School26:55.44--
88Emma May9Clinton High School26:56.18--
89Alayna Westrope10Wesson High School26:58.7866
90Sophia Savell10Northwest Rankin HS27:00.24--
91Lee Ann Beckman11Madison Central HS27:01.0767
92Mymphis Netherland8Sebastopol High School27:05.28--
93Peyton Brown9Clinton High School27:07.91--
94Rebecca Nielsen9Long Beach High School27:24.0968
95Waverly McDonald11Neshoba Central HS27:25.8669
96Tayla Willis8Choctaw Central HS27:27.61--
97Hannah Meredith9Wesson High School27:28.6870
98Ella Bailey10Clinton High School27:30.05--
99Madison Devaul9Northwest Rankin HS27:30.56--
100Emily Lyons11Long Beach High School27:34.25--
101Larsen Carpenter7Wesson High School27:38.7471
102Maddie Upton7Brandon High School27:45.77--
103Ella Bourne11Brandon High School27:53.78--
104Courtney Carr7Wesson High School27:55.3872
105Kaylin Robinson11Terry High School27:56.63--
106Emaliyah King9Choctaw Central HS27:57.70--
107Makiyah Adams11Terry High School27:59.09--
108Amy Mabile10Brookhaven High School28:07.4073
109Allie Byrd9Germantown High School28:13.85--
110Rachel Flynn9Northwest Rankin HS28:16.61--
111Allie Mott9Germantown High School28:19.94--
112Kiliaa Bland9Vicksburg High School28:20.8074
113Tiara Sims9Vicksburg High School28:24.8075
114Amelia Gealogo9Northwest Rankin HS28:25.48--
115Camryn Robertson8Northwest Rankin HS28:33.85--
116Vivian McRee10Wesson High School28:37.1776
117Mira Bhatt8St. Andrew's HS28:45.38--
118Shanna Moore9Loyd Star School28:48.67--
119Bethany Young11Clinton High School28:49.90--
120ShaLandria Martin10South Pike High School28:53.58--
121Sarah Sawaya11Madison Central HS28:54.6677
122Anna Kavanaugh8Northwest Rankin HS28:57.48--
123Keegan Wilson10Warren Central HS28:59.33--
124Tess Holley11Wesson High School29:02.1078
125Julia Hines11Neshoba Central HS29:02.3479
126Ashlyn Stringer8Brandon High School29:04.36--
127Tina Garg8St. Andrew's HS29:05.94--
128Layla Carter9Vicksburg High School29:20.9780
129McKenzie Eubanks8Neshoba Central HS29:32.3081
130Natahsia Willis8Choctaw Central HS29:37.00--
131Trinity Mangum8Florence High School29:37.3582
132Elizabeth Vanderloo7Madison St. Joseph HS29:42.7783
133Kylie McNair10Sumrall High School29:48.4084
134Cate Purvis10St. Andrew's HS29:49.66--
135Ashley Lin11Germantown High School30:04.17--
136Emily Horn9Northwest Rankin HS30:13.36--
137Katie Pace11Clinton High School30:20.54--
138Hollie Strickland9Northwest Rankin HS30:42.74--
139Avery Richardson7Brandon High School30:59.36--
140Elle White7St. Andrew's HS31:00.12--
141McKinnion Garrard10Clinton High School31:00.52--
142Selah Roberts11Madison Central HS31:06.4085
143Kylee Verucchi10Brookhaven High School31:11.0786
144Laura Smith7Sumrall High School31:21.9687
145Wednesday Warren10Loyd Star School31:22.78--
146Shelby Knighten11Florence High School31:24.2688
147Kathryn Osness11Long Beach High School31:28.18--
148Mattie Ellis7St. Andrew's HS31:29.52--
149Canna Harrington8Neshoba Central HS31:35.9089
150Nevie Bleck7St. Andrew's HS32:08.12--
151Jessie Cole9Wesson High School32:09.79--
152Raqual Tronstad8Wesson High School32:14.36--
153Katherine Marsh11Germantown High School32:18.28--
154Sophia Liberto7Madison St. Joseph HS32:23.8190
155Rylee Davis7Sumrall High School32:34.4091
156Makenze Martin8Wesson High School32:46.29--
157Riley Swindle10Florence High School32:50.5592
158Emma Robinson9Northwest Rankin HS33:03.73--
159Emmy Heard9Clinton High School33:10.00--
160Georgia Pitcock9Germantown High School33:46.38--
161Mara Norwood8Wesson High School33:51.73--
162Endia Kelly11Terry High School34:29.61--
163Rachel Anderson8Wesson High School35:02.00--
164Chloe Pierce9Neshoba Central HS35:30.34--
165Ja'Na Colenburg9Vicksburg High School35:58.2393
166Kylah Johnson8Sumrall High School36:15.8094
167Neveah Stanley8Neshoba Central HS37:03.20--
168Cailey Farrell8Sumrall High School37:25.9095
169Mia Rawls8Sumrall High School37:36.9096
170Lucy Spiers8Sumrall High School37:39.5097
171Diamond Catchings7Wesson High School37:58.44--
172Shelby Briggs11Brandon High School38:22.93--
173Tawny Hedgepeth9Brookhaven High School38:28.01--
174Myrah Myers7Wesson High School38:54.29--
175Destiny Sims10Vicksburg High School39:04.8098
176Kylee Gavin7Sumrall High School39:18.30--
177Abby Carney8Sumrall High School39:21.50--
178Brylee Cardy8Sumrall High School40:24.82--
179Taylor Watson7Wesson High School42:14.43--
180Britney Dent11Vicksburg High School42:34.0499
181Kerri McGee10Vicksburg High School42:41.34--
182Lyric Hull-chiplin9Vicksburg High School42:42.35--
183Dakayla Jordan9Vicksburg High School42:50.09--
184Kameron Thompson8Sumrall High School43:07.3--
185Uriah Robinson9Vicksburg High School44:01.54--
186Cheondra Allen9Vicksburg High School44:12.45--

Based on this year's results Brookhaven High should have the team championship. But when you look at best times from last year it points to a close race between Brandon High and Saint Andrew's.

Team Scores

1Brandon High School86214172528--
2St. Andrew's HS9135153137--
3Choctaw Central HS10649163542--
4Clinton High School120820273233--
5Germantown High School122611233052--
6Brookhaven High School1271319222449--
7Long Beach High School168110465556--
8Northwest Rankin HS1961240415053--
9Madison St. Joseph HS244721438390--
10Madison Central HS2842629677785--
11Neshoba Central HS3023459616979--
12Wesson High School3436466707172--
13Florence High School3451865828892--
14Vicksburg High School3856374758093--
15Sumrall High School4518487919495--
--South Pike High SchoolNTS
--Sebastopol High SchoolNTS
--Warren Central HSNTS
--Loyd Star SchoolNTS
--Terry High SchoolNTS