Top Three MHSAA Boys And Girls Team Rankings

Brookhaven High has a strong lead over Tupelo High in this second team ranking of the season. Right now Brookhaven is almost a lock on Class 5A.

In Class 6A it could be a dogfight at State. Right now Tupelo and Pearl High are in a tight ranking,

1Brookhaven High School(MS)80
1)Grayson Childress16:59.803
2)Sam Arnold17:02.204
3)Jake Thompson17:56.8019
4)Trey Knott18:01.0020
5)X'Zavion Stewart18:35.4034
Average Time: 17:43.04Total Time: 1:28:35.201-5 Split: 1:35.60
6)Collin Kellum19:20.5069
7)Wyatt Scott19:48.0087
2Tupelo High School(MS)126
1)Taylor Brown17:27.347
2)JT Posey17:49.1815
3)Christopher Eskesen18:07.4024
4)Jaheim Bridges18:15.6727
5)Lincoln Jones18:57.9053
Average Time: 18:07.50Total Time: 1:30:37.491-5 Split: 1:30.56
6)Bryce Weaver19:18.9264
7)Marcus Little20:24.63109
3Pearl High School(MS)130
1)Jonathan Phillips17:36.4010
2)Tanner Moore17:48.4014
3)Brady Helms17:51.0016
4)Jacob Dedmon18:24.2031
5)Brendan Clark19:08.5059
Average Time: 18:09.70Total Time: 1:30:48.501-5 Split: 1:32.10
6)Maxi Duran19:43.6083
7)David Oxborrow20:38.09125

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