Brookhaven Ranked #1 Boys XC Team In Mississippi

Brookhaven High boys have an easy 30 point team lead with Grayson Childress and Sam Arnold out in front. Pearl High and Tupelo High rank second and third in this first team ranking of the season.

1Brookhaven High School(MS)48
1)Grayson Childress16:59.801
2)Sam Arnold17:02.202
3)Jake Thompson17:56.8011
4)Trey Knott18:01.0012
5)X'Zavion Stewart18:35.4022
Average Time: 17:43.04Total Time: 1:28:35.201-5 Split: 1:35.60
6)Collin Kellum19:20.5046
7)Wyatt Scott19:48.0061
2Pearl High School(MS)78
1)Jonathan Phillips17:36.405
2)Tanner Moore17:48.407
3)Brady Helms17:51.009
4)Jacob Dedmon18:24.2019
5)Brendan Clark19:08.5038
Average Time: 18:09.70Total Time: 1:30:48.501-5 Split: 1:32.10
6)Maxi Duran19:43.6057
7)David Oxborrow20:38.0992
3Tupelo High School(MS)162
1)Taylor Brown17:35.304
2)Christopher Eskesen18:07.4013
3)Jaheim Bridges18:26.8020
4)Lincoln Jones18:57.9032
5)Cooper Edmonson20:38.5093
Average Time: 18:45.18Total Time: 1:33:45.901-5 Split: 3:03.20
6)Marcus Little20:40.4096
7)Brandon Becerra21:22.80123
4Hernando High School(MS)190
1)Graham Weiss18:18.0817
2)Dylan Fisher18:39.9326
3)Joseph Thornhill18:42.7428
4)Dallas Randall18:59.7535
5)Sam Arton20:28.6984
Average Time: 19:01.84Total Time: 1:35:09.191-5 Split: 2:10.61
6)Elijah Stage20:35.0090
7)Evan Stroupe20:41.0098
5Starkville High School(MS)211
1)Rhett Schimpf17:52.1010
2)Giles Jones18:37.4024
3)Chris Bell18:42.2027
4)Taze Fulford19:46.0059
5)Greg Jones20:36.2091
Average Time: 19:06.78Total Time: 1:35:33.901-5 Split: 2:44.10
6)Ryan Leach20:40.4095
7)Kenny-Dean Smith22:19.80147

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