Poll: Who was the girls distance runner of the decade?

The girls distance runner results are in and you see who moved to the finals in this Region.

What Is This?
Fans can vote for who they think is the top athlete in this matchup. At the conclusion of this round we will have the top girls distance runner of the decade. She will move to the rounds where we determine the girl track athlete of the decade.

The Setup

We've selected 4 girls and placed them in a bracket of head-to-head matchups. Now we down to two and are voting for the top girls distance runner who will represent distance runners in the finals for track athlete of the decade

How This Works

After this round, the distance runner with the most votes will advance to the track athlete of the decade.  Voting will end at 12 p.m. CT for each round. You may vote on Ms.MileSplit.com. Be sure to spread the word to advance your favorites into the next round!


Final Round: June 20-23

1.Brooklyn Biancamano
School:Long Beach High
Class: 2022


7 Individual State Track Championships

Personal RecordsHigh School
400 Meter Dash59.90
800 Meter Run2:14.86
1600 Meter Run4:54.58
One Mile Run4:57.34
3200 Meter Run10:53.16
800 Meter Run2:28.32
1600 Meter Run5:08.23
One Mile Run5:03.78
3200 Meter Run11:06.40
4000 Meter Run13:54.50
5000 Meter Run17:57.14


2.Morgan Claire Rose
School:Kirk Academy
Class: 2018
College:University of Mississippi


15 Individual State Track Championships

Personal RecordsHigh School
High Jump4-10
400 Meter Dash1:05.36
800 Meter Run2:15.50
1600 Meter Run4:53.44
One Mile Run4:53.44
3200 Meter Run10:43.85
Two Mile Run10:55.73
5000 Meter Run18:03.90
Two Mile Run11:27.36
4000 Meter Run14:25.73
5000 Meter Run17:50.4