TCPS Invitational: Hard Course For Fast Times


On his home course, Brock Kelly, Tupelo Christian should be unbeatable in the small school division. Christian Leach, Starkville will be the same way in the large school race but this meet will definitely get him ready for the hills at Choctaw Trails and the State Meet. 

This virtual meet uses this years best times and does not reflect the meet divisions or the course times.

X1Brock Kelly12Tupelo Christian Prep School15:56.51
2Christian Leach12Starkville High School16:55.152
3David Cox12Southaven High School17:07.103
4Eli Hannon12Saltillo High School17:13.904
5Rustin Roberts10Saltillo High School17:15.705
6Preston Noland12Tupelo Christian Prep School17:17.606
7Emerson Mansfield11Saltillo High School17:27.507
8Causey Simmons11Tupelo Christian Prep School17:32.808
9Ben Carter11Ripley High School17:34.49
10John Geoffrey Campbell11Starkville High School17:44.2510

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Well one thing for sure we will find out just how tough Madison Jones, Saltillo is over a hilly course. She will have to do it by herself as there is no one else in the Large School division who can match her times. In the small school division Mia Card, Baldwyn will have to contend with herself and the course to come home the winner.

This virtual meet used this years best times and does not reflect the division or course times.

1Madison Jones11Saltillo High School18:01.901
2Mia Card8Baldwyn High School19:25.50--
X3Emma Kate White11Saltillo High School20:05.702
4Katie Meeks10Kossuth High School20:15.403
5Abby Covington10Saltillo High School20:29.94
6Sophie Santucci8Tupelo Christian Prep School20:34.205
7Ava Meeks10Kossuth High School20:37.26
8Anna Caroline Crouch9Saltillo High School20:41.17
9Saydee Taylor11New Site High School20:43.38
10Sarah Grace Jackson12Saltillo High School20:47.19

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