Brooklyn Biancamano's Blog Week 2

Hey y'all! Week two has been really hot! Most of us have now started back to school and with our Mississippi heat index, we all need to make sure that we're staying hydrated. Don't just chug the water because it won't get into your bloodstream. A good thing to do is to drink it throughout the whole day. I'm even at fault here by forgetting to do this, especially during class but it's so important!

Also, don't get discouraged if you're not running good times at this point in the season. We're practicing in extreme temperatures and it's affecting all of us. I ran a local 5k Friday night, along with some teammates, and I was barely able to finish. I made sure to drink enough water, but I still got over heated. The mentality it takes to run in these conditions is going to make us so much stronger by competition time. Just remember to be safe out there!