MHSAA Class 6A Top Five Team Rankings

Boys Class 6A

Oxford High School after moving to Class 6A a few years ago now makes it to the top of the ranking. They deserve the top ranking in every way. Top runner, best average time and best total time the only one they do not have is in the 1-5 split but that can be improved. Pearl is in the second spot and could have a claim to number one by the end of the season. This season will be a heck of a one with great competition with all the class 6A boys teams. We have to keep in mind no matter what the rankings say it still comes down to that one race at the end of the season STATE. Ready for the season at Mississippi MileSplit.

1Oxford High School (MS) (MS)67
1) Walt Johnson16:36.181
2) Luke Johnson17:07.904
3) Matthew Singletary18:02.2216
4) Tyler Gardner18:05.9418
5) Sam Shelton18:20.0328
Average Time: 17:38.45 Total Time: 1:28:12.27 1-5 Split: 1:43.85
6) Aiden Addy18:36.5338
7) Brooks Austin18:38.3939
2Pearl High School (MS)78
1) JiKori James17:13.695
2) Brady Helms17:26.0810
3) Jonathan Phillips17:52.2313
4) Chase Copeland18:17.6024
5) Jacob Dedmon18:18.7026
Average Time: 17:49.66 Total Time: 1:29:08.30 1-5 Split: 1:05.01
6) Damon Thomas18:23.2929
7) Kristian Nolden18:53.7448
3Brandon High School (MS)132
1) Noah Bowlin17:56.7715
2) Cameron Entremont18:18.5025
3) Dylan Chapman18:19.2027
4) Sam Lovette18:23.4030
5) Layton Levingston18:30.9035
Average Time: 18:17.75 Total Time: 1:31:28.77 1-5 Split: 34.13
6) Sian McGregor19:43.4080
7) Kolby Sessions19:45.4081
4Tupelo High School (MS)137
1) Christopher Eskesen17:19.628
2) Amar Johnson17:43.1512
3) Tanner Chapman18:17.1023
4) Lincoln Jones18:30.8934
5) Tj Hoskins19:09.0060
Average Time: 18:11.95 Total Time: 1:30:59.76 1-5 Split: 1:49.38
6) Brandon Becerra19:16.6668
7) Cooper Edmonson19:18.5670
5Ocean Springs High School (MS)142
1) Alexander Whyte16:48.572
2) David Bond18:13.3522
3) Anthony Smith18:23.4931
4) Cooper Doychak18:41.7442
5) Sean Floore18:43.5745
Average Time: 18:10.14 Total Time: 1:30:50.72 1-5 Split: 1:55.00
6) Cade McCullough19:12.2064
7) Thomas Powell19:14.1266

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