Brooklyn Biancamano Weekly Blog

You can hardly run cross country in Mississippi and not know Brooklyn Biancamano, Long Beach. She ran 17:58.03 last year as a freshman. She then followed that up with 2:14.86, 4:54.58 and 10:53.16. Brooklyn is going to write a blog each week to talk about training and racing. 

Alrighty y'all, welcome to our 2019 cross country season! Ever since our Mississippi high school track season came to a close last May, I've been anxiously waiting for August to roll around. Over the summer, I decided to give my legs a rest from impact but I didn't just take off and do nothing. Instead of running every day, I did cardio exercises in the pool, core workouts at home, weights at the gym, plus a couple of plyometric workouts. I even did some runs in the loose sand at the beach.

July 29th marked the official day our high school teams were allowed to start running and Long Beach didn't waste a second. As our first week back from the summer: we had a timed run for pacing goals, an introduction to speed work, a tempo run, and a form technique drill (an 800 run holding a potato chip in each hand, trying not to break them). Gotta have a little fun mixed in with all of our work.

But anyways... I wish everyone good luck this season and can't wait to see y'all out on the courses!

I am looking for a male athlete to do the same thing. Might even take several other females and males to do this.