Johnathan Mathis, West Lincoln Tribute to Seniors

Athlete - Jonathan Mathis

What is your GPA and ACT score? GPA 3.95, ACT 25


Describe why you choose the college you are going to attend and what you liked about the college. I chose the W because it best fit my academic needs and felt like I could contribute to the team.


What do you plan on majoring in at college? Nursing


Is there any other athlete that might have helped influenced you choosing that college? A former high school teammate attends the W and will be running there also.


Name a lesson that running and training as a runner has taught you. Running has taught me that with dedication and hard work you will see results. 


Do you plan to continue competing in college? Yes

Did you sign to run track in college? No

If so was it a full or partial scholarship? I will be running Cross Country; No Athletic Scholarship only Academic


What are you most looking forward to about your future career as an athlete at College? Running in College will be different than high school but I most look forward to running on new courses in the surrounding states.


What is your favorite workout your Coach has you do? Indian Run


What is your least favorite workout?  Jump Rope


What motivates you to run? My desire to better myself and in turn better my team.


What do you think about when you're running? Sometimes I think of my favorite songs other times I think of what happened during the day that day.


Do you have any superstitions on race day or perhaps an odd pre-race routine? Peanut butter toast and banana for breakfast


Do you take ice baths? No  If yes, what do you think about during an ice bath?


Do you have a rival runner? Runners who have similar times to mine.


What do you do to recover after a race? Gatorade and walk back to cheer teammates on at finish line.


How do you intend to balance academics and athletics in college? Very carefully and by being prepared to study while traveling to meets.


What is the strangest thing you've seen during a race? At the State Meet a storm came in a blew several team tents across the field. 


Who is your biggest fan? My Mom and my friends!


What advice would you like to share with younger runners just starting out their high school careers? Stick with it.  Just have fun. Don't worry about pressure.  Just give every race your best.


Is there anything else you want to share with the MileSplit Community? Thanks for all the updates and result postings.