Tribute to Seniors: Katelyn Cartwright

This is another appeal for graduating seniors to get the admiration they deserve so come on and real this article. Remember you do not have to be on scholarship or even planning on running in college to be a part of this.

We are looking for graduating seniors from track or cross country to fill out the linked interview and send it back to us. This is for all seniors not just those that are continuing their participation in track or cross country in college. We will then post the interviews in a series of articles in the coming weeks. This can be any senior not just the team stars. 

Fill out the interview and attach a picture and email it back to Mississippi MileSplit so that we can start posting them so that other athletes can see what our seniors are going to do post high school.

Here is the questionaire for seniors to down load.


Here is the email to send the completed interview and a picture if you have it.