Middle School or High School?

Middle school by definition is seventh and eight grade only. Junior Varsity is those that cannot make the Varsity team. Junior High is seventh, eight and ninth grade. 

On MileSplit we use the above for Middle School. If a ninth grader runs in a race with seventh and eighth graders it become a high school event. So that being said all MAIS Junior Varsity events are high school.

Now there are several other things that enter into the problem. Middle School athletes run hurdles at a different height plus the boys shot and discus weigh less than the high school. So MileSplit has a process that when you set up a meet you can change the height of the hurdles and the weights of the boys implements but most meets are not set up by the Meet Manager which really can effect the results. When we add results to the data base we have to monitor these items. If the hurdles do not have the height or weight for a Jr High or JV event they cannot be entered into the database. Not trying to be mean but when an athlete throws a boys 4K shot fifty feet or the middle school discus 150 feet it cannot count in High School results. Same goes for the boys or girls hurdles run at a lower height. 

A shout out to the MHSAA for making Middle School races only for seventh and eight graders. Sorry MAIS athletes who are affected by this. 

The MileSplit Editor does not set up meets or even have control over results. We just report what is sent/ uploaded to us. The same is said for changing results. We do not make changes to results unless the meet manager or timer lets us know when a name is incorrect. If you contact the Editor about names being incorrect they cannot make the change without the Meet Managers permission. If results are sent mixed (middle school and high school) the person sending the results will be contacted and asked to resend with the results separate so that they can be put into the correct database. This will delay getting the results. Editors are the only ones who can transfer or merge athletic profiles. As a policy we do not delete athletes at all so that is why there is an inactive switch for coaches to use.

Plus remember this is the busy time of the track season and your editor is attending meets to get pictures and video so might not be sitting at the computer when results come in so the results wait until we get home to be either uploaded or added to the database. 

THANK YOU to all our wonderful readers out there and we hope we have even more results, pictures, and videos uploaded to Mississippi MileSplit this season.