Middle School Championships Editorial

It is great to see more area Middle School Championship meets being hosted all over the state. The more chances we give the 7th and 8th grade runners to be in the spotlight the more we will have continue to run at the High School level. More runners mean a higher level of competition across the state. More middle school meets means that the athletes get to compete at their level and not on the high school team where they have to compete against older and more experience athletes. The only problem I see is when 9th grade and sometimes even older athletes slip in there and compete.

Calling a meet a Junior High meet implies that 9th graders are eligible to participate. That can be okay if they compete in 9th grade events but we need to keep the separated from the Middle School athletes.

The schools hosting these events you have my support and admiration. Maybe one day MHSAA will recognize the need for a Middle School State Championship in Track and Cross Country.