Which Girls Teams Improved the Most 2017 to 2018

A look at which girls teams improved the most from their best times from 2017. Some nice stats here to look at. Brookhaven had all seven of their top runners back this year and a 66 percent improvement in time. They finished second at state though to Saltillo who had a 19 percent improvement in overall times. Clarkdale had a negative overall average time with 37 percent and lost to Saint Patrick who had a negative 19 percent. So coaches take a look at these times and remember that this is using your runners best times from each year and only uses the best returning of your top seven from last year.

Team# ReturnersAverage Improvement
Brookhaven High School766.514
Tupelo Christian Prep School580.140
Tremont High School579.280
Saint Andrew's HS567.880
Newton County High School549.074
Germantown High School525.580
Saltillo High School519.080
New Site High School5-1.520
Tupelo High School5-11.396
Saint Patrick High School5-13.434
Clarkdale High School5-37.746
Florence High School5-78.520
North Pontotoc HS4106.250
Ripley High School483.290
Sacred Heart High School478.525
Hernando High School442.960
Long Beach High School427.500
Mooreville High School426.270
Strayhorn High School421.950
Our Lady Academy417.905
Lafayette High School48.550
Corinth High School48.460
Clinton High School47.313
Oak Grove High School44.498
Ocean Springs High School4-40.860
East Central High School4-46.823
Meridian High School4-56.630
Senatobia High School4-60.838
Pearl High School4-66.255
George County High School4-83.263
Madison St. Joseph HS3155.113
Wingfield High School3124.500
Neshoba Central HS396.800
Belmont High School389.267
Pine Grove High School364.300
New Albany High School348.407
Hickory Flat High School345.600
West Lincoln High School345.340
Pisgah High School318.580
D'Iberville High School315.087
West Lauderdale High School39.740
Petal High School3-0.947
Gulfport High School3-6.760
Walnut High School3-10.167
Center Hill High School3-30.433
Vancleave High School3-57.143
Pontotoc High School3-75.437
Raymond High School3-78.897
West Union High School2297.300
Hancock High School2182.515
Caledonia High School2155.110
Lewisburg High School2133.200
Wesson High School2130.400
French Camp High School298.400
South Pontotoc HS288.500
Jefferson County HS238.800
Oxford High School (MS)232.490
Harrison Central HS231.410
Kossuth High School226.350
Alcorn Central High School222.900
Amory High School222.620
Madison Central HS20.745
Desoto Central High School20.310
Choctaw Central HS2-7.600
Pearl River Central High School2-27.900
Pass Christian High School2-28.080
Northwest Rankin HS2-34.515
Warren Central HS2-60.640
Biloxi High School2-68.100
Greenwood High School2-73.075
Hattiesburg High School2-77.350
Brandon High School2-78.480
Myrtle High School2-85.850
Pascagoula High School2-95.845
Ridgeland High School2-96.750
East Union High School2-98.755
Jim Hill High School2-114.680
Loyd Star School2-164.820
Ingomar High School2-165.585
East Webster High School2-198.725
Greenville HS1285.590
Picayune High School1255.500
Horn Lake High School1182.660
Seminary High School1172.100
Gautier High School1109.300
South Jones High School166.900
Mantachie High School161.500
H. W. Byers High School159.000
Winona High School143.340
Cleveland Central HS136.200
Water Valley High School118.600
Poplarville High School1-6.610
Nanih Waiya High School1-8.200
Purvis High School1-16.070
Potts Camp High School1-31.100
Sumrall High School1-103.480
Starkville High School1-187.730
Kosciusko High School1-266.180