Boys Battle Royal Coming in Class 5A Team Race

Two tough teams will go head to head in the Class 5A team race. Saltillo and Brookhaven will match up to see who are the best in Class 5A. Saltillo look tough with seven runners in the top 14 while Brookhaven has four in the top 10. It will depend on how the Brookhaven number five runner does if they want a chance to win Saturday. Based on the rankings he will have to run somewhere around 18:32 to give his team a chance. Of course the Saltillo number six and seven could have a lot to say in the final team scores.

1Saltillo High School (MS)39
1) Payton Temple17:01.213
2) Eli Hannon17:17.466
3) Jack Cobb17:55.209
4) Rustin Roberts17:55.5010
5) Silas Herring18:12.1211
Average Time: 17:40.30 Total Time: 1:28:21.49 1-5 Split: 1:10.91
6) Zack McDivitt18:13.3612
7) Austin Sanders18:21.3314
2Brookhaven High School (MS)49
1) Jacob Britt17:06.334
2) Grayson Childress17:10.505
3) Sam Arnold17:29.987
4) Jake Thompson17:44.398
5) Trace Brady19:03.2125
Average Time: 17:42.88 Total Time: 1:28:34.41 1-5 Split: 1:56.88
6) Collin Kellum19:10.4729
7) Samuel Mabile19:44.9048
3Germantown High School (MS)184
1) Hunter Sallis18:53.2321
2) Luke Mason19:02.1024
3) Mason Bunch19:30.1540
4) Noah Mason19:39.7347
5) Drew Speaks19:54.7752
Average Time: 19:24.00 Total Time: 1:36:59.98 1-5 Split: 1:01.54
6) John Murray McCullouch20:02.6355
7) Matthew Saffle20:21.3066
4Natchez High School (MS)193
1) Wesley Isaiah18:52.6020
2) Zehlin Cornett19:11.4931
3) tyree washington-king19:22.2035
4) Alex Miller19:37.3643
5) joshua credit20:16.9264
Average Time: 19:28.11 Total Time: 1:37:20.57 1-5 Split: 1:24.32
6) Tabois wood20:50.0973
7) Shamar Gordon21:05.4881
5Neshoba Central HS (MS)232
1) Anthony Medine19:08.7227
2) Ryan Henry19:38.6045
3) Xaiden Willis19:47.3550
4) Dylan Bonner19:57.5353
5) Omar Williams20:04.4457
Average Time: 19:43.33 Total Time: 1:38:36.64 1-5 Split: 55.72
6) Thomas Saunders20:07.2658
7) Isaac Pilgrim20:08.1459

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