Clarkdale Girls Number One Maybe in 2018

Clarkdale High School leads Class 2A girls sixteen points but the overall score could be a lot closer. Brooke Robinson, sophomore leads the team and if she can avoid the late season injuries should be under 20 minutes this year. The only real problem that Clarkdale has is in their six and seven runners neither one is in the top 20 returners so it could cause a problem if someone goes down to injury. Plus number four was an exchange student so will not be back. I tried to remover her from the rankings but for some reason it will not let her profile out of the rankings. Saint Patrick in the number two spot is in a rebuilding year but could be a potent threat by the end of the season.

Number one returning runner is Aubrey Britt, Loyd Star does not have the team need to be at the top but holds her team in sixth place. She is only a freshman and ran 19:55 last year. 

1Clarkdale High School (MS)49
1) Brooke Robinson20:20.072
2) Kristen Phillips22:20.6810
3) Brooke Gibson22:29.1011
4) Naja Hvirgel22:32.8512
5) Cora Bucurel22:40.5614
Average Time: 22:04.65 Total Time: 1:50:23.26 1-5 Split: 2:20.49
6) Camryn Gray24:32.2528
7) Catherine Freeman25:00.5635
2Saint Patrick High School (MS)65
1) Jordan Pete20:30.823
2) Isabel Leatherman21:35.454
3) Amelie Million21:53.887
4) Gabriela Patino23:18.0217
5) Quinlan Pisciotta24:57.8934
Average Time: 22:27.21 Total Time: 1:52:16.06 1-5 Split: 4:27.07
6) Lindsey McClure27:24.7263
7) Presley Mullinax28:22.7672
3East Union High School (MS)99
1) Karley Conwill21:51.895
2) Mary Kate Nobles22:56.6315
3) Rachel Gentry23:26.0519
4) Abbie Jo McLellen23:59.7123
5) Emma Akins25:03.6137
Average Time: 23:27.58 Total Time: 1:57:17.89 1-5 Split: 3:11.72
6) Emma Wages25:08.3838
7) Tristan Dye25:17.0239
4Walnut High School (MS)114
1) Madilynn Vuncannon22:01.008
2) Abby Tomlinson22:39.0013
3) Maddy Britt23:43.1020
4) Elyse Story24:23.1126
5) Amber Clifton26:22.2047
Average Time: 23:49.68 Total Time: 1:59:08.41 1-5 Split: 4:21.20
6) Autumn Hall26:51.0052
7) Chloe Casner26:55.4254
5New Site High School (MS)123
1) Saydee Taylor21:52.056
2) Hannah Campbell22:18.319
3) Emma Johnson23:04.0016
4) Ivy Loden24:23.3227
5) Ellen Conley27:36.2365
Average Time: 23:50.78 Total Time: 1:59:13.91 1-5 Split: 5:44.18
6) Grace Cole28:27.9673
7) Marta Pernas Pedreira28:28.4374

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