A Future Dynamic Duo Hernando HS

Jessica Cartwright

Alexandra Trigg

The pair of Jessica Cartwright and Alexandra Trigg will help Hernando to be a factor at the 6A State Championship. These two eighth graders are poised to make a big impact in Cross Country. Jessica's big sister Katelyn Cartwright has shown the way but needs a supporting cast to help the team be great

It will take at least two other runners to step it up a lot to win. It takes a team of five no matter how great your are.

4Hernando High School (MS)150
1) Katelyn Cartwright19:29.633
2) Jessica Cartwright20:35.2213
3) Alexandra Trigg20:35.3314
4) Sarah Harmon22:32.5950
5) Ellie Sartor23:40.9170
Average Time: 21:22.74 Total Time: 1:46:53.68 1-5 Split: 4:11.28
6) Sarah Taggart24:02.0078
7) Kirsten Mansel24:21.0687