Who Leads the MAIS Boys Team 4A Div 1 XC in 2018

Please note for some reason I cannot get the Madison Ridgeland boys to show up in the returning 5K rankings for MAIS AAAA D1. We are working on the problem.

MAIS Overall State Meet 2017

M 5000m1Jacob Williams1017:34.831
M 5000m2Chad Filbey1217:38.342
M 5000m3Jackson McGee1017:42.673
M 5000m11Trey Barbieri1218:59.3411
M 5000m16Gage Girod1219:27.1316
M 5000m24Brody Creel620:06.0623
M 5000m25Porter Young920:18.2824

M 5000m5Alex Stradinger1017:50.395
M 5000m7Preston Speed918:34.917
M 5000m18Greyton Ray1119:42.0618
M 5000m22Blake Haskins1119:55.9922
M 5000m31Jack Harvey820:30.9027
M 5000m32Alex Roberson920:36.6728
M 5000m35Jaden Richardson1220:50.5130

You lose three seniors and it is hard to start the season at the top but Presbyterian Christian is still second. Jackson Preparatory takes over the first place ranking in the MAIS AAAA Div 1. It will be a great season and a huge battle between these two schools and add Oak Forest Academy to the mix.

Returning 2018

1Jackson Preparatory School (MS)34
1) Alex Stradinger17:50.393
2) Preston Speed18:34.914
3) Greyton Ray19:05.507
4) Blake Haskins19:27.638
5) Graham Speed20:05.4412
Average Time: 19:00.77 Total Time: 1:35:03.87 1-5 Split: 2:15.05
6) Jack Harvey20:30.9017
7) Alex Roberson20:36.6718
2Presbyterian Christian School (MS)37
1) Jacob Williams17:34.831
2) Jackson McGee17:42.672
3) Zachary Rhynehart19:52.9810
4) Porter Young19:54.7911
5) Brody Creel20:06.0613
Average Time: 19:02.27 Total Time: 1:35:11.33 1-5 Split: 2:31.23
6) Jackson Creel20:19.5714
7) Nathan Marcev20:29.4616
3Oak Forest Academy (MS)65
1) Dale Slay18:39.625
2) Jack Perkins18:42.856
3) Gage Mixon20:23.1715
4) Evan Cobb20:38.7919
5) Dawson Schexnayder20:52.9720
Average Time: 19:51.48 Total Time: 1:39:17.40 1-5 Split: 2:13.35
6) Nathan Battles21:06.4621
7) Skylar Pirnar22:01.9425