Is Your Team Roster Too Large on MileSplit

If you have too many athletes on your roster there are a few things you can do to make it easier to access.

1. Look and see if you have athletes without graduation dates. These athletes will stay there basically forever. Our program will automatically moves athletes to alumni when their graduation year is finished. This happens towards the end of summer and before most schools start the new year. So put in their graduation dates and let them be moved to the Alumni section.

2. Check and see if one athlete has more than one entry. This can happen when results are received from meets that are typed in and spelling errors occur or a coach just gets lazy and only puts in the last names. It also occurs in meets where coaches are still using cards to score a meet. 

3. If an athlete moves let us know which school they are now attending and we can merge them.

4. If an athlete quits make them inactive so they do not show up when you are entering meets. However, track and cross country coaches this does cause confusion unless you talk to each other when you mark those that are not competing in your season inactive. Do not call us and ask us to delete these athletes they may come back and compete so you do not want to lose their times in the data base.

5. No we do not have separate teams for male and female or just cross country versus track. One team per school or club.