Jada McDougle From Softball to Track

Jada McDougle, Newton County ran track for the first time at the District meet after finishing a complete season of Fast Pitch Softball. This Sophomore then proceeded to win the Region, South State and the State Championship. She did this not in one but two events.

In the 100 meters she ran 12.31 at District, 12.12 at Regions, 12.02 at South State and 11.82 to win the 4A State Championship. She ended the season ranking ranking #4 overall in the State.

In the 200 meters she ran 25.68 at District, 25.05 at Regions, 24.62 at South State and 24.15 at State. She ended the season ranked fourth overall in the State. I wonder what she could do with a full season of track?